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This weeks Focus: Pole Fishing with Shimano

Very popular development in fishing which has revolutionized the way in which the majority of people now fish. Fiest advantage is that your bait is placed exactly in the same location every time which ensures greater accuracy over a standard rod and reel set-up.  Another advantage is the ability to easily judge the depth of water in front of you and this can be accomplished without any loud disturbance of the chosen area which is to be fished. This will to determine which parts of the water area have the most fish. Natural movement can be imparted onto the hook bait simply by  lifting and lowering the float slowly and by a small distance. This natural movement frequently induces a take by a fish.

Poles vary enormously by price and quality from budget poles of less than £100 to top match poles costing £5000. As one once said “you get what you pay for”. Choices are endless – the Shimano Beastmaster pole illustrated is a quality pole at a reasonable price. Try as many poles as possible before you buy so that your final choice is one that you will be comfortable with.

 Carp Fishing

Many fisherman have been attracted to this form of fishing because of the development of suitable available fisheries that can be used on a day-ticket basis. Considered to be one of the hardest species to catch, especially the super heavyweights ( UK record is now in excess of 67lb!!), various specialist equipment (rods, reels, clothing, shelters and terminal tackle etc) have been developed together with many different techniques, some simple and others complex, in order to catch the fish of a lifetime.

A vast array of quality equipment is readily available and suppliers include Grey’s, Shimano, Prodigy and many others.

Predator Fishing

Pike have a long torpedo-shaped body with dorsal and anal fins close to the tail fin. The head is pointed from the side view and the snout is flat. The lower jaws have several massive teeth together with hundreds of small sharp teeth. Coloration is greenish brown viewed from above with green sides  marked with gold lines and speckles. The colour pattern is different for each individual fish.

Main fishing for pike is spinning with lures and using live or dead baits whether it be on surface or at varying depths in the water.  There are other popular predator fish including perch and zander.

Fly Fishing

World wide popularity targetting trout and salmon in the main. There are infinite numbers of different flies for dry fly fishing (on surface) or fishing fles on the drop at varying depths. Fly rods, reels and line etc available from all tackle suppliers.

Sea Fishing

Targeting a species and learning all the methods and situations that can increase your catch rate can be a very important factor in increasing you catch rate when sea fishing. There are a vast number os different species, such as Pollock, fish that can be found in many different locations and can be fished for using many different methods. Where to fish for many species include;

  • Rock and reef marks are very popular locations for fish.
  • Both inshore and off shore wrecks will produce various fish pollock to a good size.
  • Piers  will produce fish all year around but. generally these fish are not of a great size.
  • Weed beds and deep kelp  hide a lot of predators and prey.
  • Broken ground can hold all sorts of species including the pollock. Some fishing techniques
  • Lure fishing. Deep sea wreck fishing often requires heavy weights to take a jelly worm or metal lure to the sea bed.
  • Saltwater fly is effective when fish are in shallow water and fish can be of all sizes and at a whole range of locations including piers, reefs and weed beds.  Flies that mimic small fish and prawns work well, sea trout flies and saltwater flies are popular.
  • Float fishing can be used almost anywhere in shallower water.Common baits are sand eel and fillets of fish bait.
  • Ledgering can work well using the normal  baits fish.
  • Live baits work well for many fish usually resulting in a strong take and suitable equipment needs to be used.