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Amazing Fishing Stories is a wonderful collection of tales of adventure with rod and line. This eclectic collection includes thrilling battles with monsters of the deep, epic acts of endurance and more poetic pieces on secret spots where legendary fish are said to lurk. Read extracts on our fishing tackle pages and you won’t be able to wait to buy the book, hard copy, audio or Kindle.


Paul Knight is a hugely experienced fisherman and leading figure among UK anglers, who has travelled to remote parts of the globe to reel in stories with rod and line. He has worked on offshore trawlers as well as fished idyllic salmon streams. His knowledge of fishing equipment is vast as you will see from his tales. Paul has written for a range of fishing magazines for more than 20 years. His wide experience, remarkable network of fishing friends and wonderful writing style make him the perfect author of such a collection of unforgettable tales.

Hummingbird Fish Finder


Humminbird Fish Finders

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Humminbird  smartcast fish finder rf15e
£199.99  SAVE 12%   £175.95 inc. VAT

The Rf15e Humminbird fish finder is new for 2005 and with the Advanced Remote Sonar Sensor you get even more performance!  With Smartcast you get the benefits of a traditional fish finder plus freedom and mobility to fish wherever you want even places other fishfinders cannot go!  There are no limits to where you will find the fish.  Simply attach the remote sensor for a real time view of fish bottom and underwater structures. 



Humminbird  smart cast wrist mount rf35e

inc. VAT

Humminbird Smartcast fish finders offer you all the benefits of a traditional fishfinder plus the freedom and mobility to fish wherever you want.  With the Hummingbird Smartcast there are absolutely no limits on where you can find fish.  Simply attach your bait to the Remote Sonar Sensor for a real time view of fish lake bottom and any underwater structures right where your line is.  You can also use the sensor to preview an area before you fish. Simply cast it out and reel in for an accurate picture of what’s below!


Fishing Buddy Fish Finder



Humminbird Fishfinders

Humminbird Fishfinders USA

Hummingbird Fishfinders USA

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Tackle – Shakespeare

Shakespeare Fishing Tackle


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Shakespeare Fishing Tackle

Sorry at present we are unable to offer any Shakespeare products.

Please visit later and we hope to have a Shakespeare Tackle range for you.

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Shakespeare Fishing Tackle

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Cralusso  surf running line river float

Drennan  alloy stick

Drennan  big stick

Drennan  bobber

Drennan  canal waggler

Drennan  carp antenna

Drennan  combo carp

Drennan  combo missile

Drennan  crystal avon

Drennan  crystal tip peacock

Drennan  crystal waggler

Drennan  double rubber balsa

Drennan  driftbeater

Drennan  giant crystal waggler

Drennan  giant insert crystal

Drennan  insert crystal

Drennan  loaded carp crystal

Drennan  loaded crystal waggler

Drennan  loaded green waggler

Drennan  loaded insert crystal

Drennan  loaded peacock slim

Drennan  loaded peacock straight

Drennan  loafer

Drennan  missile

Drennan  puddle chuckers

Drennan  skud

Drennan  stick

Drennan  stillwater blue

Drennan  straight peacock waggler

Drennan  surface carp waggler

Drennan  target carp

Drennan  tench perfection

Drennan  wire avon

Kamasan  thick insert waggler

Kamasan  thick straight waggler

Kamasan  thin insert waggler

Kamasan  thin straight waggler

Middy  coarse float pack

Ron Thompson  bubble float

Pole Floats

Cralusso  bubble float pole float

Cralusso  torpedo flat float

Drennan  canal pole float

Drennan  carbo

Drennan  carp 1

Drennan  carp 2

Drennan  carp 3

Drennan  carp 4

Drennan  carp 5

Drennan  carp 6

Drennan  carp 7 pole float

Drennan  caster

Drennan  choppa

Drennan  dibber

Drennan  lake

Drennan  pinkie

Drennan  quad pole fishing float

Drennan  roach

Drennan  squatt

Drennan  tipo

Drennan  trio

Drennan  wire roach

Preston  classic 1

Preston  classic 2

Preston  classic 3

Preston  classic chianti

Preston  classic vito

Preston  durafloat 4 pole float

Preston  durafloat pole float series 2

Preston  durafloat series 1

Preston  pb1 pole floats

Preston  pb10 pole floats

Preston  pb11 pole floats

Preston  pb12 pole floats

Preston  pb13 pole floats

Preston  pb14 pole floats

Preston  pb15 pole floats

Preston  pb16 pole floats

Preston  pb17 pole float




Float Making Materials                                              
Porcupine quills for making fishing floats

Traditional Handmade Floats
Traditional hand made fishing floats chubbers trotting floats pike and carp fishing floats crow and goose quill fishing floats etc

Pole Floats
Discount Pole fishing floats with great savings on bulk packs

Pike and Carp Floats           
Pike fishing floats carp fishing floats carp controllers pike pencils etc

River Floats
River Fishing Floats Chubber Floats Wire Sticks Avon Floats Grayling Floats Trotting Floats

StillWater and Canal Floats
Stillwater Fishing Floats and Canal Fishing Floats plus General Stillwater and Canal Fishing Float Selections. Wagglers Crystal Wagglers Canal Antennae Canal Specials Float Rubbers Dartcaster

Sea Floats
Sea fishing floats bubble floats weighted cigar shaped bubble floats

General Freshwater Floats
General Floats for Freshwater fishing. Assorted Float Selections Float Rubbers Float Selections for Beginners

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Kamasan  b525 eyed whisker barb

Kamasan  b980 specimen eyed hook

Kamasan  b981 barbless specimen hook

Kamasan  b982 strong eyed hook

Kamasan  b983 wide gape hook
  RRP: £4.95

Kamasan  b511 spade end hook

Kamasan  b520

Kamasan  b611

Kamasan  b611 barbless

Kamasan  animal barbless spade end

Kamasan  animal barbed spade end

Kamasan  b711 extra strong hook

Kamasan  b711 barbless

Kamasan  b911 barbless

Kamasan  b510 to nylon

Kamasan  b511 to nylon

Kamasan  b520 to nylon

Kamasan  b611 hook to nylon

Kamasan  b611b to nylon

Kamasan  b920 hooks to nylon
  RRP: £1.99

Kamasan  thick insert waggler

Kamasan  thin insert waggler

Kamasan  thick straight waggler

Kamasan  thin straight waggler

Kamasan  canal kat

Kamasan  river kat

Kamasan  swing rest

Kamasan  bayer perlon line

Kamasan  pole elastic

Kamasan  b700 aberdeen worm hook

Kamasan  b940m aberdeen match

Kamasan  b940s short shank aberdeen

Kamasan  b900c crab hook

Kamasan  b950u uptider

Kamasan  b940 aberdeen

Kamasan  b100

Kamasan  b100g trout hook

Kamasan  b110 trout hook

Kamasan  b160 trout hook

Kamasan  b170 trout hook

Kamasan  b175

Kamasan  b200 trout hooks

Kamasan  b400 trout hooks

Kamasan  b405 trout hook

Kamasan  b420 trout fishing hooks

Kamasan  b410 trout fishing hook

Kamasan  b440 traditional trout hook

Kamasan  b800 forged trout hook

Kamasan  b830 forged trout hook

Kamasan  b180 low water salmon hook

Kamasan  b280 double salmon hooks

Kamasan  animal barbed ready tied

Kamasan  animal barbless ready tied

Kamasan  animal eyed barbed hook

Kamasan  animal eyed barbless hook

Kamasan  b270 trout double

Kamasan  micro tech pole fishing line

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Fishing Buddy Fish Finder

Fishin Buddy Fish Finders

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  Humming Bird Fish-finder

USA Here

Fishin Buddy 1200 / 2255 Portable Fish Finder

Wherever you like to fish – lakes reservoirs rivers or streams you’ll never have a fishing buddy who can spot fish as easy and as fast as a Bottom Line Fishin’ Buddy.

Whether you travel hours to a remote fly-in or walk a hundred yards to the dock this one-piece self-contained electronic fish finder goes with you. It’s truly portable – weighs just five pounds and operates for up to 40 hours on three “C” batteries. You don’t need a bass boat to fish for largemouths. Or a deep-V to fish for walleyes. As a matter of fact you don’t need a boat at all. Fishin’ Buddy’s C-clamp mounting system lets you use it on just about any dock and any type of boat – canoes dinghies johnboats pontoons rowboats even float tubes. Because Fishin’ Buddy is both a Sidefinder and a depth finder you can look for fish in two directions – sideways and down. And out to the side as most anglers know is usually where most of the fish are.


Fishin Buddy 1101 Portable Fish Finder

The 1101 operates up to 30 hours on six AA
batteries (not supplied). An extremely portable fishfinder with Fish D’Tect technology and a host of features normally found on more expensive models. With 1 000-watt peak-to-peak power the 1101 places the power of a tournament-grade unit in your hands at an exceptionally low cost.
Size: 6-1/2″W x 51″H x 8″D.
Screen Size: 3.3″ x 2.4″.


Fishing Buddy Fish Finder


Humminbird Fishfinders

Humminbird Fishfinders USA

Hummingbird Fishfinders USA

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Tackle – Drennan

Drennan Fishing Tackle

Save up to 40%


Drennan  drx river feeder

  RRP: £169.99



This unique family of Drennan feeder rods are extra long and ‘feel’ extra stiff and rigid.
In practice the rigidity is only there to improve line control and help keep the rod steady for easier bite detection in windy conditions.
When playing fish these rods undergo an almost schizophrenic change of character bending and flexing to become perfect shock absorbers.
They will play small fish with a soft delicacy and feel on 1lb bottoms or become ‘power-play’ barbel and carp rods with 8lb line straight through!
They are ideal for both standard monofilament and braided lines.
These Drennan rods are constructed from super high modulus carbon with cork handles and screw reel seat fittings.
They are completed by a combination of s.i.c. and super oxide rings.
Available in 3 lengths they are all supplied with 4 tips of different strengths.

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Drennan Fishing Tackle

Tackle – Daiwa

Daiwa Fishing Tackle

Save up to 40%

Daiwa  sensor
  RRP: £7.99

Daiwa  advantage

Daiwa  emblem pro big pit reel

Daiwa  laguna hardbodyz

Daiwa  sealine slosh x

Daiwa  emcast big pit reel

Daiwa  emcast plus big pit reel

Daiwa  team daiwa s airbail cu

Daiwa  longbeam beach rod

Daiwa  sealine multiplier reel
  RRP: £135.00

Daiwa  regal x bite n run reel

Daiwa  longbow predator rod

Daiwa  longbeam bass rod

Daiwa  whisker pike and predator

  RRP: £100.00

Daiwa  lochmor disc drag fly reel

Daiwa  tournament entoh

Daiwa  emcast sport

See the wide range of
Daiwa Fishing Tackle

Tackle – Fox

Fox Fishing Tackle

      Save up to 20%



Fox  micron mmx

As the Fox Micron M series enters its third year Fox have released this the third model in the Micron bite alarm "family".
By taking all that’s good from its illustrious predecessors and adding yet more features the Fox Micron MMX is a remarkable product.
In addition to the standard tone and volume control MMX incorporates a five setting sensitivity switch with smart technology to differentiate between forward and drop back indications.
A choice of four different LED colours completes the impressive package.
Batteries not included.

Fox  micron rx digital

Fox  micron rx receiver digital

Fox  txr remote leads

Fox  micron str

Fox  micron str receiver

Fox  micron sx digital

See the wide range of
Fox Fishing Tackle

Tackle – Okuma

Okuma Fishing Tackle

      Save up to 40%



Svendsen Sports  okuma interceptor baitfeeder

RRP: £34.99



This Okuma baitrunner style reel has been specially developed for carp and specimen anglers.
It was voted Test Winner in ‘Improve your Coarse Fishing’ and voted Amazing Value by ‘Angling Times’.
– RES rotor equalising system
– High modulus graphite body
– Folding ‘soft grip’ double handle
– 2 stainless steel ball bearings plus 1 quick-set 1 way clutch bearing
– Machined aluminium spool with titanium coated rim
– Aluminium spool
– Graphite spare spool
– Micro adjustable baitfeeder drag
– 5 year warranty



Svendsen Sports  okuma halogen beach pro

RRP: £29.99


This Okuma ‘baitrunner style’ reel is perfect for all carp and specimen fish applications.
It is very competitively priced and has features normally found on reels costing twice as much.
– Unique patented Okuma ‘Baitfeeder sytem’
– Fine adjustable baitfeeder function
– 1 stainless steel ball bearing
– Carbon spare spool
– Graphite body construction
– RES Rotor equalising system
– Even flow line roller
– Long cast spool construction
– Balanced collapsible handle

Tackle – Shimano

Shimano Fishing Tackle

Save up to 40%


Shimano  baitrunner aero gte b




You don’t change the reel that has revolutionised carp fishing. The new Shimano Baitrunner has simply evolved.
Introducing the new Shimano Baitrunner GTE-B.
The new model has evolved from the incredibly popular Baitrunner Aero GTE and has been significantly boosted by AS-RB bearings cold forged aluminium spools and raw platinium look body shell.

Shimano Baitrunner Aero GTE-B features
– 8 ball bearing equivalent
– cold forged aluminium spool
– dyna balance
– oversized power roller
– aero wrap
– long life bail spring
– high efficiency gear
– spare cold forged aluminium spool







Baitrunner Aero 5000 GTE B
Weight 480g
Gear Ratio 4.5:1
Capacity 215m/10lb

Baitrunner Aero 6000 GTE B
Weight 560g
Gear Ratio 4.5:1
Capacity 240m/12lb

Baitrunner Aero 8000 GTE B
Weight 550g
Gear Ratio 4.5:1
Capacity 290m/12lb

Steve Cole Editor of Angling Times Advanced says: In my opinion Shimano simply don’t make bad reels – the 5000B is testament to that. It’s a strong powerful reel that puts a touch of finesse back into big feeder work. Some match anglers will find that the Baitrunner idea isn’t for them. Fine – don’t use it. The reel itself is unobtrusive enough to be used in ‘normal’ mode.
In all I would certainly recommend this reel to anyone who fishes the big feeder or Method. It looks awesome and comes at a great price. Take a look.”

See the wide range of
Shimano Fishing Tackle


Shimano  super baitrunner aero 10000 xte


The Super Baitrunner 10000XTE has a 30% increased spool capacity over the 6000 and 8000 size Baitrunners.
The larger diameter means the line is wound around the spool over a bigger area and is placed under much less tension even after playing a big fish.
When you wind the rod up for that really big cast with the Super Baitrunner 10000 XTE the line really shoots being virtually unimpaired by embedded line.
The Baitrunner 10000 comes with 2 spools as standard both of which are manufactured from polished aluminium giving added strength and security when cranking in big fish from extreme distances plus minimising line friction on the spool lip.
With all the attributes of Shimano Stargate and Stress Free technology PLUS an incredible 7 ball bearings and a roller bearing the Super Baitrunner XTE 10000 is one of the smoothest most efficient carp reel on the market.
Finished in gunsmoke grey the Super Baitrunner 10000XTE looks performs and is an absolutely stunning carp reel.

Cold Forged Aluminium Spool
Titanium Power Roller
Hybrid Aluminium Body
Aero Wrap
Ambidextrous Double Handle
Dyna Balance
Cold Forged Gear
Floating Shaft II
Super Stopper II

Model – Super Baitrunner 10000 XTE
Weight (g) 572
Gear Ratio 4.5:1
Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.35/380
Ball Bearings 7 + 1 Roller Bearing

Shimano  stradic fa fishing reel



The Shimano Stradic FA reels have become one of the most popular all round coarse and game freshwater front drag reels in the Shimano range it’s predecessors the FE & FG being recognised as the most powerful reels for their size.
The Stradic FA takes the performance even higher with many S-System upgrades pioneered on the Stella flagship models.
The Stradic features the brilliant slow oscillation system.

Shimano Stradic FA features
– 4 ball bearings
– 1 roller bearing
– Double handle
– S-System
– Stargate
– Stress Free System
– Aero Wrap
– Hybrid Aluminium Body

Shimano Stradic 1000 FA
Weight (g) 234
Gear Ratio 6.0:1
Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.14/140
Ball Bearings 4 + 1 Roller Bearing
Spare spool 1

Shimano Stradic 2500 FA
Weight (g) 278
Gear Ratio 6.0:1
Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.28/140
Ball Bearings 4 + 1 Roller Bearing
Spare spool 1

Model Stradic 4000 FA
Weight (g) 390
Gear Ratio 5.7:1
Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.35/130
Ball Bearings 4 + 1 Roller Bearing
Spare Spool 1

Shimano  exage 1450 spare pole sections

Shimano  exage mini tele spinning rod

Shimano  exage mono 100m

Shimano  exage ra rear drag reel

Shimano  exage stc carp specimen

Shimano  exage stc fly

Shimano  exage stc spinning rods

Shimano  exage stc stand up boat rod

Shimano  exage stc trolling rod
RRP: £76.99

See the wide range of
Shimano Fishing Tackle

Tackle – Svendsen Sports

Svendsen Fishing Tackle

      Save up to 40%


Svendsen Sports  rod pod




"This Svendsen Sports rod pod includes everything you need including buzz bars hangars and rod rests and is incredible value for money."
This high quality 3 rod pod has adjustable legs and buzzer bars.
It extends up to 1100mm x 660mm x 560mm and can be used with either one two or three carp rods.
This kit also includes hangars for bite detection and is supplied complete with a carry bag.
It is very easy to erect and to pack away for transportation.




Svendsen Sports  pro logic storm jacket
  RRP: £139.99



This Svendsen Sports Pro Logic Hydro Active jacket is a tough heavy duty 3/4 length jacket with plenty of waterproof pockets.
It has Velcro a sealed main zip storm cover reinforced neoprene elbows neoprene sealing cuffs and an adjustable elastic pull toggle hem and hood.
It is produced in a 4 layer construction:
Dirt repellent 190T Tactel Nylon
100% waterproof Polyurethane lamination
Highly Breathable 32G Tricot Lining
Mesh comfort layer D stops clamminess

Waterproof Rating: 8 000 mm
Breathability: MP 4 000 gm/m2/24 hrs


See the wide range of
Svendsen Sports Tackle

Fishing Clothing

Fishing Clothing & Luggage



Boots and Waders



Socks and Gloves




Waist coats



Boots and Waders
Fishing boots and fishing waders like Tretorn Estate and Tretorn Setter GL boots. Superb quality wellington boots and chest waders at low discount prices

Carp & Coarse Luggage

Fishing Shirts
Fishing shirts by Sage G Loomis Cortland Masterline Short or Long sleeved fishing shirts including tropical shirts sage fly fishing shirts

Flotation Suits Floatation and Buoyancy Jackets
Flotation suits immersion and survival suits buoyancy aids buoyancy vest children’s floatation suits

Fly Fishing Clothing
Wading jackets and fishing waistcoats by Englands Snowbee Wychwood etc

Fly Fishing Luggage
Reel cases wader bags line trays fish basses fishing bags etc

G.Loomis Luggage

A selection of carry bags rolling travel bags and cooler bags designed with the usual high standards of quality expected from Gary Loomis products.

General Clothing
Realtree hardwoods fishing jackets Realtree hardwoods Fleece jackets Englands fishing trousers neoprene gloves Touchstone jackets Helly Hansen VMC

General Luggage
Fishing bags and fishing luggage including Lure packs fishing rod quivers fly fishing bags carp rucksacks

Gloves and Thermals
Neoprene fishing gloves thermal under-suits thermal hats thermal balaclavas thermal fleece scarf

Fishing Flies

Fishing Flies and Fly Tying

Dry flies

Fly selections – Gifts

Fly tying kits

Fly tying materials

Fly tying tools


Salmon flies

Wet flies


Fly Tying Tools
fly tying tools including Vices Tools Hackle Pliers Whip Finishers Tinsels/Floss fly tying kits

Fly Tying Materials

Lights and Magnifiers
Lights and magnifiers by Daylight designed for fly tying but also suitable for craft hobby and photography

Sharpening Stones
Sharpening stones for hooks and knives

Special Premium Trout Selections
Inovative trout fishing flies tied especially for us – not the cheapest flies but they catch a lot of fish !!!

Fly Boxes
Fly boxes at discount prices lightweight floating fly boxes plus replacement fly box linings

Heirloom Quality Flies
Highly detailed true to life fishing flies from Canada – great flies for framing too



Stone Fly

Fly Hooks
Salmon Fly Hooks Trout Fly Hooks Final stocks of Ashima fly hooks

Salmon Fly Hooks
Kamasan Partridge Ashima VMC

Trout Fly Hooks
Gamakatsu Ashima

Other Hooks

Salmon & Sea Trout Flies
Salmon and Sea Trout fishing flies by Mayo FlyCraft Turralls Lureflash plus shrimp fly spoons

Trout Flies
Trout fishing flies including Dry Flies beginners fly selections Bulk fishing fly Selections Fulling Mill trout flies

Fulling Mill Selections
Trout and grayling flies by fulling mill

Other Branded Selections

Saltwater and Specialist Flies
Fishing flies for Bonefish Bass Pike offshore barracuda flies tarpon flies etc

Bonefish and Permit
Fishing flies for bonefish and permit

General InShore Saltwater
Salt water sea fishing flies including surface poppers and some great bass fishing flies

Fly selections for salt water bass fishing

Pike fishing flies including surface pike lures and poppers

Tarpon Baracuda and Off Shore
Fishing flies for tarpon offshore fishing flies flies for barracuda


Fishing Glasses

Fishing Sunglasses

Top end Polarised Glasses £40 and above
Discount Bolle Action Optics Orvis and Costa Del Mar polarised fishing glasses to make way for new stocks coming soon

High Spec Polarised Glasses £20 – £40
Polarized fishing glasses high specifications at unbeatable prices.

Great Value Polarised Fishing Glasses (up to £20)
Discount polarised fishing glasses including clip ons and mirror lenses. Great fishing glasses at cheap prices

Glasses Cases Cleaning Kits and Accessories

Fishing Hooks

Fishing Hooks Swivels etc.

Carp Fishing Hooks

Coarse Fishing Hooks

Hooks to nylon

Kamasan Fishing Hooks

Match Fishing Hooks

Pike Fishing Hooks and Traces

Salmon Hooks

Sea Fishing Hooks

Trout hooks


Fishing accessory packs ideal for the beginner and occasional angler
Carp / Specimen Hooks and rigs
Carp fishing hooks including the last of the Ashima carp fishing hooks
Coarse / Freshwater Hooks
Match fishing Hooks Fresh Water float and ledger fishing Hooks Coarse fishing hooks Pole fishing hooks Ashima Preston VMC etc – Many with Bulk hooks at cheap prices in all categories

Hooks To Nylon
Coarse and match fishing hooks to nylon by Kamasan and VMC + some top quality Japanese hooks to nylon at huge discounts

Fishing hooks for match float ledger and pole fishing by Ashima
Fishing hooks for match float ledger and pole fishing by Image
Fishing hooks for match float ledger and pole fishing by Preston Inovations

Truturn USA
Fishing hooks for match float ledger and pole fishing by truturn USA

Fishing hooks for match float ledger and pole fishing by VMC

Fly and Game Hooks
Salmon Fly tying Hooks Trout Fly tying Hooks Final stocks of Ashima fly hooks most types of hooks for fly tying like streamer hooks lure hooks nymph and grub hooks wet fly hooks dry fly hooks etc

Salmon Fly Hooks
Salmon fly tying hooks by Kamasan Partridge Ashima VMC including single double and treble salmon hooks
Trout Fly Hooks
Trout fly tying hooks by Gamakatsu Ashima Kamasan
Other Hooks
Salmon and trout worm hooks prawn pins


Lure and Bait Trebles
Treble hooks for lures and bait fishing by Ashima Partridge VMC Top quality hooks and trebles
Sea Hooks
Sea fishing hooks including Circle hooks Aberdeen hooks bait-holder hooks and O’Shaugnessey hooks
Fishing swivels including Barrel swivels Crossline swivels Crane swivels De-Luxe Rolling swivels Micro-Snap swivels Rolling Snap swivels and Three Way Swivels
Hook and Knife Sharpeners
Diamond hook and knife sharpeners

Fishing Line

Fishing Line

Daiwa  sensor

Drennan  micro braid

Drennan  super specialist mono 100

Drennan  super specialist mono 400

E.S.P.  bait floss

E.S.P.  carp mono

E.S.P.  ghost fluorocarbon

E.S.P.  hair braid

E.S.P.  leadcore

E.S.P.  leadcore bulk spool 25m

E.S.P.  sinklink

E.S.P.  sonar shock braid

E.S.P.  strip teaze braided dyneema

Fox  bait floss

Fox  gravitron braid

Fox  soft steel

Fox  soft steel camo

Fox  soft steel tapered leaders

Grauvell  bionix mono 5000m

Grauvell  teklon gold

Grauvell  titan carp fishing line

Korda  arma kord

Korda  iq intelligent hookink

Kryston  krystonite

Kryston  merlin

Kryston  multi-strand

Kryston  quicksilver

Kryston  samson

Kryston  silkworm

Kryston  snake bite

Kryston  snake skin

Kryston  super mantis

Kryston  super-nova

Kryston  super-silk

Kryston  ton-up

Prologic  xlnt camo mono

Ron Thompson  ultra max bulk line

Shimano  antares special dyneema

Shimano  beastmaster mono 1000m

Shimano  catana specimen mono

Shimano  technium tournament carp

Sufix  heavy skin

Sufix  herculine braided dyneema

Sufix  magic touch hooklink

Sufix  magician braid hook link

Sufix  silky soft braid hook length

Sufix  stealth skin

Sufix  super skin

Sufix  supreme green mono

Sufix  synergy


Fly Fishing Line
Fly fishing Lines from cheap budget fly lines to Top Brand Fly lines set out in simple categories. Fly fishing Leader Material including Tapered / Droppered Leaders Tippet Material and Fly line Backing.
Nylon / Mono Lines
Nylon fishing lines Maxima fishing lines and Stren fishing lines shock leader line arranged by B/S from 0.5lb to 50lb and over

Braid Line
Braided fishing line in bulk at cheap prices plus braid lines by PowerPro Berkley Climax Fenwick Iron-thread Ledger Braid and Bugee Kits Spiderwire.
Wire fishing traces for pike and predator fishing trace wire and trace making kits trolling and fishing wires including Berkley Marlin steel and Tidecheater wire line.

Fishing Nets

Fishing Nets

Fox  carp master

Fox  carp specialist
  RRP: £84.99

Fox  folding landing net
  RRP: £99.99

Fox  tourist landing net
  RRP: £79.99

Fox  xtreme landing net
  RRP: £79.99

Keenets  specimen net and handle
  RRP: £19.99

Middy  specimen landing net
  RRP: £29.99

Rod Hutchinson  carp q landing net
  RRP: £79.99

Ron Thompson  landing net
  RRP: £14.99


Keep Nets and Bait Nets
Keep nets – decent quality at discount prices

Game Fishing Landing Nets
Landing nets for the fly angler from Budget nets to top quality nets by Rapala folding trout nets salmon landing nets hand made wooden trout nets magnetic net releases etc

General Landing Nets
Landing Nets for general fresh water match and float fishing pike nets carp nets and sea fishing nets

Replacement Netting
Replacement netting for landing nets

Fly Fishing Line

Fly Fishing Line

Cortland  444sl fly line type 3 sinking

Cortland  444sl precision floating line

Cortland  444sl precision stillwater clear

Cortland  444sl sink tip type 3

Drennan  double strength fly leader

Drennan  fluorocarbon fly leader

Drennan  subsurface green fly leader

Grauvell  teklon fluorocarbon game

Ron Thompson  energy floating fly line

Ron Thompson  energy intermediate fly line

Ron Thompson  energy sinking fly line

Ron Thompson  fly line backing

Scierra  avalanche floating fly line

Scierra  hywel morgan edp fly line

Scierra  multi tip fly line

Shimano  biocraft xt fly line

Sufix  invisiline fluorocarbon

Turrall  fly leader


Fly Lines
Fly fishing lines including Airflo fly lines Cortland fly lines Aircell Loop and many more

Fly Backing/Running Line
Fly line backing line braided dacron fly line backing braided nylon Snowbee Masterline Hollow Braid backing Gel Spun Dyneema fly line backing and discount Bulk backing line

Tippet Material
Fly fishing tippet material by Climax Maxima Masterline Rio Ultima Snowbee

Tapered and Droppered Leader
Fresh and salt water leaders and casts by House of Hardy Normark Masterline Maxima Fog including mono Poly leaders braided leaders droppered casts etc

Dapping Floss