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Shimano Tackle Shimano, best known for its wide range of spinning and baitcasting reels, has long been known as the leader in the fishing tackle sector. They consistently produce quality reels and have done since 1978. Visit Shimano main site


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If you go down to your local waterway and ask the anglers what reel they are using, it’s highly likely the majority will be using a Shimano. There is no doubt they make quality reels, and also a wide range suitable for all types of fishing and levels of experience. Shimano make an equally impressive selection of reels with strength and handling by building so much rigidity into the reel and then squeezing it down to a palmable size. A fairly impressive feat to be able to accomplish strength like this in such a small form factor.

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Shimano Fishing Tackle

Anglia Tackle & Gun, Station Rd, Norwich, NR9 5LY
Tel. 01603 870353

Percy Chapman & Son Ltd, 2 – 4 Colne Rd, Twickenham, TW1 4JP
Tel. 020 3872 5335

Fishy Fingers Tackle, College Rd, Ashington, NE63 9QS, Northumberland
Tel. 01670 638916

Aladdin’s Cave, 259 High St, Glenrothes, KY6 3AX
Tel. 01592 743347

R V’s Fishing Tackle & Baits, 12 Market Place, Faringdon, SN7 7HP
Tel. 01367 243566

Fishing for Pike

Pike fishing from the shore

Fish for pike spinning from the shore is an arduous enough. It involves a good understanding of where you are fishing, but also a good familiarity with the technique of spinning . To catch a pike, you have to think that the movements that we do to our artificial must attract the fish, intrigue. Only then we will attack. ‘s fishing action is essential. We must think of our artificial as a real wounded minnow trying to swim, but he can not, or do the shots, changes direction, rises to the surface and sinks to the bottom. You have to use a lot of the barrel and not the reel.

Around the barrel, I’d say a good 2.70 meters is ideal: it must be strong enough to throw 40 grams in two pieces. For the reel, at least a 4000 loaded with a good braid, or a good 25-30 of monofilament. The final steel is a must, so that the teeth of the pike cutting through the monofilament.

Lures for fishing spinning for pike are:

  • Rotary
  • Undulating
  • Minnows

We also advise you of weights and measures tailored to the tonnage of fish, so quite large.

Bottom fishing for pike

Bottom fishing for pike is exercised in the cold season. Presupposes a fishing line with a strong ballast terminal, with armrest upper (or game) which is triggered on the live, or with ballast sliding above the bait, which is instead attached to the terminal.

For the line , we appeal again to the float, but the bottom line is anchored by a large lead. A float bay to keep it tight, but we must be careful to calibrate well the distance between it and the lead, which corresponds to the depth. At a certain point, to a tract of fishing line is added a swivel to three attacks, to hook the armrest with metallic minnow. The float can be sealed to keep it in the best position, or the thread below can bring some plummet.

The pike fishing with float is made so sedentary. Leave the line in the water and the bait free to wander. There is only one drawback: the depth adjustment when changing position.

Another system of bottom fishing for pike provides the use of a ballast final, but without the use of the float. In this way you will not have any time to change the depth.

The fishing line with sliding weights on the main line is engaged, always with a pulley, the end with the bait. The weight of lead in oil should be mild.

The line will be like the previous one, with lead sliding or fixed, as required.

At the end, where there is the swivel, apply a cork rather thin with a thin longitudinal incision. This is because when the pike attacks, because of sudden movements of the line, it is likely that the cork comes off, and coming to the surface, the bite marks.

Pike fishing with float

The material needed for fishing with float:

  • The barrel . Given the large size and the great – but short-fighting pike, it is useful to use a cane sturdy and well-prepared to launch high grams (40-50 grams).
  • The nylon line for the mother will be around 24-26.
  • The reel must be capable of imbobinare 100, 150 meters of nylon of 0:25 to 0:30. For the mother line, it is almost mandatory to use the terminal steel, available in stores specialized fishing. The use of a large landing net well is very useful to avoid disappointment.

The line consists of:

  • Without float ( stopper ) silicone (choose the size large)
  • Sliding float ball 15 to 20 grams
  • Two Seals round
  • Lead to a form of oil (10-15 grams)
  • Terminal steel
  • Live fish (rudd, bream, roach) (7-15 cm)

First, s’infilerà in nylon the stopper stop-floating, then we will proceed to put the float with the most clear sight fishing (in order to see it better). At this point, it will stop on the nylon is a bullet for spacing the float to about half a meter. Now, slips lead to oil and then, after tying up the terminal with a steel carabiner, we will proceed to put a plumb line between the hook and lead to oil, so that the lead can slide forward and back (about 4-5 cm). Finally, s’innescherà live fish all’ancoretta terminal steel.

If the live fish is small (more or less than 7 cm), s’infilerà the armature through the lips, by introducing one of the tips of the armature in the lower lip and forcing it to emerge from the upper one in correspondence of one of the two nostrils. However, if the fish is larger (about 12 cm), s’infilerà the stir bar to the back. This operation is carried out by introducing the tip of the armature at the beginning of the dorsal fin, so as to grip at the point where rays of the latter are grafted into those that radiate from the spine. In doing so, we must be careful not to cause injury to the spine.

The fishing action

The fishing action is not complicated: throwing the bait near submerged reeds or grasses, wait for the bite of the pike. When will we see the float disappeared under water and reappeared on the surface, then the fish is attacking the bait. Now, before you grab, you must wait until the float disappears again and depart.

When the pike is close to the shore, we are alert and always ready with the landing net. The fish, in fact, at the sight of the fisherman, looking – and rightly so – to flee or throw here and there.

Once inguadinato pike, we are careful to pull the bait from the mouth. If we happen to rub her hand on the teeth of the pike, we can get the deep lesions. For this reason, it is always useful to put on a pair of gloves.

Pole Fishing

Rod Hart Pole 70MH

Rod Hart Pole 70MH is a powerful rod with good touch. ‘s rod this rod is a real missile. Perfect for fishing with leaded vinyl traction and linearly, as with jerkbaits and walkers. sensitivity of your pointer accurately conveys all the “touch” of our decoy. cane But though a very powerful, as all the canes of 2 sections, not suitable for vertical fishing at sea. Highlight this cane belongs to the Pole series developed by Hart for artificial bait fishermen, both soft and hard, from shore or boat duck … reeds are technical, light and balanced, fitted with Fuji rings and reel seat, at amazing prices.

Bass Fishing


Bass Fishing Books  Bass Fishing DVD  
Bass Fishing Video

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  • Bill’s Southern Illinois Bass Fishing Report A weekly bass fishing report on lakes in So. Illinois pictures local weather and links.


Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing


Carp Fishing USA

Fishing Article: 

An Introduction to Carp Fishing


Carp Fishing Carp Fishing Books Carp Fishing DVD Carp Fishing Video Carp Fishing Rigs Carp Fishing Hooks


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Fishing Articles

Fishing Articles  

About Fishing RodsAll-Weather Fishing

Bass Fishing in Florida

Biggest Carp in the UK

Biggest Carp in the World
Boat Fishing
Carp Fishing Habits

Controller Fishing fo Chub
Fishing the Method (Method Mix)

Fishing with Children

Float Fishing for Crucian Carp
Four Fly Fishing Tips

Legal requirements of coarse fishing
Pike and their place
Environment Agency – Sea of Concern

Stillwater Roach Groundbaits
Which Fishing Hook?
Wild Carp or King Carp
Winter Fly Fishing

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Fishing Ireland

Fishing in Ireland

Irish Fishing and Angling Guide

Rathbeggan Lakes Angling Centre Fishing Lake in Ireland

Fishing Ireland salmon and troutAn introduction to some of Ireland’s fine rivers and loughs. Great fishing opportunities with experienced guides.

Go Fishing Links: Ireland
Irish Fishing Websites. … Fishing in Ireland – A complete guide to Irish angling – This is a government fishing site

Fishing Lakes

The UK is home to beautiful lakes, lochs, pools, reservoirs and waters, from the small but majestic Rydal Water in the Lake District to the bubbling Fairy Pools of Skye, the UK is home to a wide variety of spectacular lakes for water-sports, wild swims, bike rides, water-side walks and picnics.

These guides gives you plenty of information, including what species of fish can be caught at each water, maps, directions, parking details, ticket prices, rules for that venue, on site facilities, disabled access and contact numbers. Most lakes, ponds and rivers in and around the area are featured and all contain photographs of the venues. This full colour guide contains all you need to know for a great days fishing.

Much of the advice for fishing lakes will be similar to our suggestions for river fishing so we suggest that you read that first. We can then identify any differences between the two styles.

Rods – again we would advise a 12ft match rod. You are looking for a ‘through’ action whereas float fishing rods for river use are ideally ‘tip’ actioned. A through action rod has a gradual bend from the tip right down the section to the butt whereas the tip action has stiffer middle and butt joints leaving only the tip to bend.

The tip actioned rod is ideal when fishing for roach and dace in the rivers where you need to be able to pick up lots of loose line that is laying on the surface between the rod and the float. When we’re fishing lakes we tend to use ‘waggler’ type float with the line fixed only at the bottom of the float giving us a sunken line and a more direct contact to a biting fish. We would recommend something like the Shakespeare Odessa 12ft

Fishing Scotland

Fishing in Scotland


Scottish Fishing and Angling Guide


Fishing in Scotland – Scottish salmon and trout fishing  Scotland salmon fishing and trout fishing holidays lodges fly fishing vacations

Fishing Scotland for salmon trout and coarse angling  Fishing in Scotland. A directory of angling links for Scotland covering the rivers Tay Tweed Spey Dee Annan Nith


Fishing Scotland 
Learn to fly fish in beautiful and historic surroundings in the heart of the Highlands Scotland.


Fishing in France

Fishing Holidays in France


Villa Rental France

So…you’re looking for Carp Fishing In France. Whether its a holiday on business or for a flying visit France is increasing in popularity amongst us Brits – and rightly so!

The French people will tell you that there is so much more to see and do in France than just what you see in the brochures.


French Riviera

Fishing is a widely practiced popular sport in the many rivers and lakes of the Riviera which provide prime fishing. Most commonly caught are fountain salmon pike and rainbow trout. The sport is however strictly policed for ecological reasons and all restrictions must be adhered to.


Fishing areas fall into two categories each of which has different permit requirements and seasons. You may not fish with out a fishing permit – Carte de P che. The local Mairie will provide dates for the season and information on where to buy a permit.


Available Carte de P che are:

  • Taxe Compl te an annual permit for category 1 fishing.

  • Taxe R duite an annual permit for category 2 fishing.

  • Carte d’exon r de la taxe for someone accompanying the fisher.

  • Carte Journali re a day pass.

  • Carte Jeune for the under 16s.

  • Carte Vacances for the holiday period 1 June to 30 September (limit 15 consecutive days).

Travel to France
   Before You Go to France   While You’re in France   General French Information  

Local Laws in France

Websites offering Fishing in France

Fishing in the Charente

Fly Fishing In France Fantastic accommodation and fishing set on the Charente/Dordogne/Haute Vienne borders in France.

Big Carp Fishing Holidays in France

Information on angling venues across France including booking details.

Fishing Bourgogne South of France
In the heart of the Bourgogne. In the south of the Morvan national park.

Carp Fishing in France
Carp Hunters Abroad are pleased to be able to offer you two carp fishing lakes in France

French Family fishing holiday Accommodation is in a French lodge nestled in five acres of secluded woodland.

Carp Fishing Holidays
  Lakeside carp fishing holidays in a fishing complex in northern France.


Travel to France

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Before You Go to France



Airlines from the U.S. to France
Rail Travel
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Customs and Excise

Travel Guides
Entry Requirements
Hotel Reservation Services

Important Updates

While You’re in France

Tourism Tax

Currency money





Sightseeing Shows Nightlife


General French Information

Summer Time – Winter Time


Local Laws in France

Tobacco alcohol Narcotics
Emergency Police Legal
Property Loss

Fishing in the Charente

Fishing in the Charente               

The Charente region has over 1 600 km of rivers with 600 of these in the 1st category and with over 500 hectares of lakes providing superb fishing for all. Over 20 species can be found in the Charente include trout pike carp and perch attracting both sports fishermen as well as fishing enthusiasts.

As you would expect there are regulations and taxes for fishing in the Charente and you can find the up to date information at the
Le F d ration de la Charente pour la P che & la Protection du Milieu Aquatique.

However we have detailed some of the more important facts here though you should always check the latest data at before setting out with your rods.

First Category Rivers/Lakes

These rivers include the water course itself plus its tributaries :

L’Antenne l’Argence l’Argentor l’Auge l’Aume le Bief la Bo me la Bonnieure la Charente (for the part which is to the d partement of the Vienne and upstream of the Pont de l’Isle – Commune de Taiz -Aizie) la Charraud les Eaux-Claires le Goire la Graine la Ligonne La Lizonne l’Issoire le Lien-P ruse la Nou re le Petit-Tr fle le Ri de Gensac la Soloire le Son-Sonnette la Soulaine la Tardoire (for the upstream part from the Pont de Rancogne until the border of the d partement) la Touvre la V lude le Voultron*.

* There are special regulations for le Voultron et l’Echelle and you should contact the F d ration to check these out.

Second Category Rivers/Lakes

 All other rivers and lakes not mentioned in the 1st Category are in this section but note that Le Ronsenac has special regulations and you should contact the F d ration to check these out.

The F d ration site has a detailed map of the fishing areas of the Charente under the section ‘Domaine Piscicole’.

For the complete article please visit


Fishing Technique

Fishing Technique

Fly Fishing Technique

Fly fishing in the UK and Europe. Whether you fly fish for trout salmon grayling pike or saltwater fish in England Scotland Ireland Wales


Trout and Salmon Fishing Techniques

A brief description of the various techniques which can be used when fishing for trout and salmon.


New Sight Fishing Technique for Bass Fishing

A Eufaula guide told me about a new sight fishing technique for bass that really worked. A picture of the proof is on Ron Brook’s saltwater site.


Fishing Techniques Index

Fish Sniffer Online How to fish for any type of fish techniques from the pros.


Fishing Methods and Techniques (Rod and Line)

Articles on fishing techniques including sections on coarse fishing methods float fishing and Pole Fishing.

Free Fishing Games

Fishing Games

If you like playing fishing games here is a selection free for you to try.  I haven’t tried any of these games so give them a try and let me know what your favourite game is.  I can then make sure the most popular games are listed first.

Buy Fishing Games  

Matt Hayes Fishing Game   


Free Fishing Games

Fishy Web Game

Free Fishing Games from Free Fun Files Fishing Download Directory  ?

Fishing Trip 1.0 Free Download  ?

Free Download Fishing Boat Game ?

Free Download Crazy Fishing Game ?

Free fishing download: download fishing game ?

Fishing Auctions

Fishing Auctions

More Discount Fishing Tackle Offers from Tackle Bargains

Online fishing tackle rod auctions with Trigger grip lure rods Spinning rods Match and float rods Feeder and quiver rods Sea rods Carp and pike rods all at cheap auction prices

Online fishing tackle reel auctions with Shimano offshore reels Abu Ambassadeur

Everything else
Online fishing tackle and angling equipment auctions including fishing Knives fishing Flies fishing bags etc


Game Fishing

Game Fishing



Grauvell teklon fluorocarbon game leader

This new line from Grauvell is produced from 100% Fluorocarbon which due to its very low refractive index makes this trout leader line totally invisible in the water . It has a clear colour and does …

Kamasan b160 trout and game hook

The Kamasan B160 trout hook has a chemically sharpened needle point. Features – turned down eye bronzed finish 3X shank. 25 hooks per box. …

Ron Thompson tss game fishing bag

This game fishing bag from Ron Thompson is both strong and practical. It has a large main compartment with an easily removable waterproof lining. It also has a removable adjustable padded shoulder …

Shakespeare glider game fishing pocket bag

The Shakespeare Glider pocket bag is trout fishing bag constructed from a tough water resistant canvas style material with a contrasting trim. This game bag has loads of practical uses. Features …

Shakespeare large game bag

The large Shakespeare game bag is both tough and hardwearing. Features – Twin interior compartments – Removable and washable fish retaining bag – Two pockets and net pocket on front – Zipped

Shakespeare odyssey game landing net

Beautifully made net – Lightweight and robust – Full cork handle – Deep knotless mesh – Retractable lanyard with spring lock clip – Extends to 760mm – Frame width 400mm

Svendsen Sports outback 3/4 game fishing jacket

This new breathable jacket is 100% wind and waterproof and is ideal for fishing and any other outdoor activities. It has 2 large front pockets an inner pocket and 2 handwarmer pockets.

Biggest Carp in the World

The Biggest Carp in the World  

Articles on the biggest carp in the world

“The Sarulesti Reservoir is famous for fishing with the biggest carp in the world – 37.3 kg”

Biggest carp in the UK

The Record Carp
by Geoff Maynard

Biggest carp in the world it was. Oh yes Stevie got it alright. Biggest ever.  New record ” The old mans gravelled voice started the words loudly……

Siamese Giant Carp
Fever by Jean-Francois Helias

While guiding clients interested in the Mekong Giant Catfish I often wet a line apart of their fishing spot for Siamese Giant Carps or Pla Caho (Catlocarpio siamensis). As you certainly know it is a rare and unique species of carp that only exists in Thai waters. It has also the particularity to be the the mother of all carps being the world s biggest carp species. Exceptional specimens in the wild can reach weights of 100 kg.

American Carp Adventures

Our location allows you to walk to your swim or you can let Jerry’s expert guiding service (over 20 years on this river) put you onto some of the biggest carp in the world.


“The big overseas waters are for me the ultimate in carp fishing challenges. Tackle and techniques are often tested to the limit on these inland seas and the fishing can be far from easy. But the rewards are plain for everyone to see. These waters not only hold some of the biggest carp in the world but in many cases they hold big fish in numbers and that s just the ones that we know about.”

About Fishing Rods
All-Weather Fishing
Bass Fishing in Florida
Biggest Carp in the UK
Biggest Carp in the World
Boat Fishing
Carp Fishing Habits
Controller Fishing fo Chub
Fishing the Method (Method Mix)
Fishing with Children
Float Fishing for Crucian Carp
Four Fly Fishing Tips
Legal requirements of coarse fishing
Pike and their place
Environment Agency – Sea of Concern
Stillwater Roach Groundbaits
Which Fishing Hook?
Wild Carp or King Carp
Winter Fly Fishing

Fishing the Method (Method Mix)

Fishing the Method  

(Method Mix)

What is “The Method”? The Method is the name given to a type of fishing whereby a mixture of groundbait and particles is moulded around a special weight which is in the form of a cage allowing a bed of bait to be placed on the bottom in the middle of which lies your hookbait. It has accounted for some astounding catches of carp and is well worth giving it a try. Although often associated with catching smaller fish it has been known to fool a few larger specimens as well and can certainly give a great days sport when the carp get feeding on it.

More on this subject from Carp Passion – How the Method works & Get the Method Mix right


Anglers’ Net Forums: Fishing the method

About Fishing Rods
All-Weather Fishing
Bass Fishing in Florida
Biggest Carp in the UK
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Float Fishing for Crucian Carp


To catch crucians regularly a very carefully shotted light float rig is imperative the best floats being a fine-tipped antenna or a short narrow-diameter length of peacock quill fished in ‘mini-lift’ style. The object is to see those tiny bites for which crucians are renowned and which often barely register on the float tip (fig. 9B).

For this reason the single shot (a No. 1 BB or AA depending on float size) should be not more than 2 in from the hook. Try moving it even closer to 1 in away because sometimes this alone can make all the difference between seeing bites or not. The secret after casting in and tightening up so the float cocks is to wind down even further so the tip is just the merest ‘blimp’ on the surface. Strike the slightest movement.

When crucians are really feeding confidently denoted by clusters of small bubbles regularly rising to the surface the float might even lift completely out of the water and lie flat as the carp tills its head up after sucking up the bait and dislodges the shot. Or the tip will sink positively as the crucian characteristically runs along the bottom. Many more bites will barely register on the float so you need 10 hold the rod throughout and be eagle-eyed.

To stand a better chance of hilling bites from crafty crucians that just lie on the bottom blowing the bait in and out rig up a light antenna float with a dust shot 2-3 in from the hook with the bulk.

shot set at mid depth {fig. 9A). After carefully plumbing the swim adjust the float so the bait is literally a fraction above the bottom. As with the lift rig strike at the slightest movement on the float tip. Remember to keep loose feed or small balls of groundbait going in on the little-and-often principle and they might be encouraged lo feed all day. A ruse always worth trying when they are particularly dour is to gently wind the float in 6 in at a time which makes the bait lift upwards enticingly and fall gently down to the bottom again. Baits which are inherently buoyant like bread flake or csters or which are expected to move as worms work best when ‘twitching’ in this way to encourage bites.

Incidentally both these rigs work effectively for tench that are biting particularly shyly.

John Wilson

Wild Carp or King Carp

Wild Carp or King Carp?

What are the differences between wild carp and king carp? Where can you find the true wild fish?

Genetically there is in fact very little difference between wild carp and king carp. Stemming from the River Danube carp were transported around the world originally by the Romans. Over the years they have been selectively bred to grow faster and bigger firstly because they were an important food source and more recently for us to fish for.

Telling the difference between true wild carp and skinny commons is very difficult particularly as there is nothing to stop them breeding together. Wild carp generally have longer barbules a long dorsal fin and a large head. The body is almost chub-like in shape if the fish grow to bigger than about ten pounds then the chances are they are not true wild carp.

You definitely should try cooking with carp.  There are many great fish recipes online but do try not to smother your carp in sauce the first time you cook with it.  You can only make recipe decisions once you know the true taste of your fish.

Carp really became widespread in the British Isles as a food fish brought to this country from mainland Europe in the Middle Ages. So to find true wild carp now you should look for ancient ponds that have not been stocked with king carp. Estate lakes are your best bet for true wild carp although as more venues become stocked with king carp finding true wild carp will not be an easy task.

You can see the differences here between the wild carp (the smaller fish) and the king carp (background). The wild carp has a larger tail for its size and has an altogether leaner and longer body.


Which Fishing Hook?

A hook is not just a hook! It’s a tiny work of art that’s been designed for a specific use and in some cases a specific bait. Follow our guide and you will hook and land more fish next weekend…
Out-turned eye
This style of hook featuring an out-turned eye is ideal for hair rigging and in particular for hair rigging pop-up baits because the hair remains parallel with the hook shank and therefore the hook remains straight against the hair. It works equally well with sinking baits too. A good all-rounder for specialist fishing and particularly good for creating ‘stiff rigs.


Typical patterns:
Drennan Star Point Fox Series 6 ESP Stiff Rigger Drennan Boilie Hook.


Ideal baits: Pop-up boilies floating pellets large sinking baits.


In-turned eye


Hooks with in-turned eyes are absolutely perfect for pop-up or semi-buoyant carp baits. When tied using the knotless knot the hook point will sit well proud of the hair and bait plus the angle between the hair and hook created by the in-turned eye will force the hook to flick over in a carp’s mouth therefore increasing the chance of a hooked fish.

Typical patterns:  Fox Series 1 Nash Fang ESP Raptor G-4.

Ideal baits:  Boilies nuts multiple particles and corn.

Crystal bend

This style of hook is available in either eyed or spade end and is a firm favourite among match anglers. Why? Because of its shape it’s the perfect hook for maggots. Put one or two maggots on correctly and they will sit on the bend of the hook right below the point and in an ideal place to ensure instant hooking of the fish. Fine-wire forged barbed and barbless versions are available so you can use maggots to tackle bleak through to carp depending upon the gauge of wire.

Typical patterns: Kamasan B520 Drennan Forged  Match Drennan Fine Match Mustad Match Carp   Preston Maggot Pinch Barbless.

Ideal baits:  Maggots casters and redworms.

Wide gape

The gap between the point and the shank of these hooks is incredibly large therefore they lend themselves to fishing with slightly larger baits than maggots. They are perfect for corn hemp meat or paste because the bait can be placed securely on the hook but the hook point will still stand proud of the bait. Wide-gape hooks are available in barbed and barbless fine or forged wire.

Typical patterns:  Kamasan B511 B611 and B711 Preston Innovations PR26 Mustad Wide Gape Drennan Carbon Specimen.

Ideal baits: Hemp meat corn and worms.

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John Wilson Email

Amusing John Wilson Email

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  • I am looking for an email address where I can contact someone regarding John Wilson on TV.
  • I think he is a good fisherman but was wondering if there are any TV programs where he is on but DOES NOT talk.
  • John Wilson is the MOST ANNOYING little man I have ever had the misfortune to come across.
  • He repeats himself constantly and drives me up the wall.
  • Why can’t he just shut up???  
  • Would appreciate your assistance if possible because someone needs to tell him SOON!!  
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John Wilson
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Bob Nudd

Bob Nudd            

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Bob Nudd
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World Champion Bob Nudd is the only angler to win 4 times. Winning in 1999 in Spain Bob Nudd came first again in 1991 1992 and 1994. Bob was rightly given an MBE. Despite being a fishing super star Nudd-y is a real gentleman and an amazing icon for angling.

Sponsored by Browning Bob is a director of groundbait co. Van den Eynde.  Bob Nudd’s website


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John Wilson

John Wilson          Amusing John Wilson Email

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John Wilson is Britain’s most popular most successful and most respected angler. Known to millions through his writings and TV series he is established as Britain’s favourite authority on coarse game sea and adventure angling. John Wilson is a great ambassador for the sport.
John Wilson’s Fishing Safaris on Lake Nasser


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Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes TFG Fishing Rods and Tackle       

Matt Hayes hardly needs an introduction. Widely regarded as one of the best all-rounders in the business Matt is perhaps most well known for his TV programmes on the Discovery Channel for Sky TV. He has also starred in umpteen videos written a book on coarse fishing and written innumerable magazine articles.  
Ask Matt Hayes a question?

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Matt Hayes Biography The places I fish the people I fish with and the mastery of so many different styles of fishing are my driving forces – I just love the big wild places and the wild uncaught fish. To me the magic of fishing is mystery and uncertainty. I ve been so lucky to fish in some of the greatest places in the world and the best part is that there are so many more blank pages in the fishing diary to fill I have written a column in Angling Times for almost ten years and starred in every issue of Improve Your Coarse Fishing since issue 3.

Coarse Fishing with Matt Hayes


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Mick Brown

Mick Brown            

Mick Brown is one of the most well known and certainly one of the most enthusiastic anglers in Great Britain. Over the last twenty years he has become well known for his written work and photography and in more recent times has become a popular television personality. His influence now extends all across Europe where he features regularly in the European angling press.  Mick Browns Website

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Rex Hunt

Rex Hunt            

Rex  Hunt born in 1949 in Australia was raised in the suburb of Parkdale with parents Ivy & Edgar and brother Bill.  Rex soon developed a love of the sea and began to fish from 7 in the Mentone and then Mordialloc Pier. His first fish was a tiny garfish  in late 56.
Rex Hunt’s website

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Top 5 Places to Fish in Alaska

Top 5 Places to Fish in Alaska

  • Chilkat River
  • Susitna River
  • Kenai River
  • Kah Sheets Lake
  • Kasilof River

Alaska is known worldwide for truly amazing fly fishing. It is no wonder that every year fishermen come from all over the world to catch a piece of the action. But once you decide to take a fishing trip to Alaska, where do you go to find the best fly fishing opportunities? There are countless options to choose from, depending on what part of the state you will be visiting.


Chilkat River

Located in the south-east part of the state, the Chilkat River is an ideal place for fly fishing for salmon. There are five types of salmon common in Alaska ‘s Chilkat River including silver, red and king salmon. Dolly Varden, steelhead and trout are also available. This area also serves as an important habitat for the bald eagle, so you could find eagles fishing alongide you. The Chilkat River is near Skagway and Haines, so you can use either of those cities as a base to fish from.

Susitna River

Running through the mountains of south-central Alaska, the Susitna River is another great place to go fly fishing. Some of the fish species present in the Sustina include rainbow trout, all types of Pacific salmon (as well as the king, red and silver), Arctic grayling and Dolly Varden. The suburbs of Sustina are near, so you can stay in the city and then take seaplane excursions from there to the river.

Kenai River

By far the most famous river in Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula is known for spectacular fly fishing especially salmon in particular king. The Kenai River is located in the south-central part of Alaska and extends from Kenai Lake to Cook Inlet. King salmon, steelhead, coho and sockeye salmon can be found in the area. The king salmon fishing is the most popular fishing on the river, and for good reason. Most of the greatest kings were recorded caught in the Kenai River. The river is easily accessible by car and there are several cities that can be used as a base.

Kah Sheets Lake

A beautiful spot, quieter than most, the lake abounds with sockeye salmon,bass, bluegill and crappie.  Although other options are available booking a cabin close to the lake has to be one of the most appealing options. Otherwise look for accommodation  in Wrangell, Petersburg.

 Kasilof River

Located in the south-central part of the state, the Kasilof River is another place for fly fishing. In the Kasilof you can find many species of fish, same as those available in the Kenai River, but Kasilof has a much more relaxed atmosphere and will be less crowded. Fish species that are most popular here are the red salmon, trout, chinook and coho salmon. The Kasilof is reachable by car, so you can use any number of cities in Alaska as a base.

There are so many great places for fly fishing in Alaska, with these top 5 we have only touched the tip of the iceberg. The Alaska frontier is vast and full of fish ready for you to enjoy. No matter where you go fly fishing in Alaska, it’s sure to be an amazing experience. Great fishing!

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Shimano UK

Shimano Saragosa 18000

Shimano Saragosa fishing jigging and spinning

Shimano Saragosa fishing reels that offer a modern and latest technology. Impressive braking power up to 20 kilos. Saragosa Reels with cold forged gears, and brake Superstopper II multiplate sealed and microclick. Reels Shimano Saragosa prepared and ready for the toughest fishing jobs in both saltwater and freshwater. In these reels there is no anti-reverse mechanism, would be a danger to the angler when working with large specimens in combat. Five ball bearings AR-B plus a special treat saltwater power roller bearing roller. Shimano Saragosa fishing reel in your fishing shop online.

Jigging fishing reel shimano Spheros 8000 pg

New jigging fishing reel shimano Spheros PG (power gear) with high technical performance coil cold forged aluminum AR-C, 4.7:1 gears and powerful recovery A-RB bearings is perfect for vertical jigging, the Spheros is a reel that disappoint. With Aerowrap, two swing speeds and multidisc brake waterproof 11 kg is highly effective in combat fishing. Best Price Shimano Spheros fishing jigging online Store.


Shimano Stradic fishing reel

The Stradic fishing reel is one of the most successful ranges of Shimano. The Stradic extra coil is supplied with cold forged aluminum. The traditional recovery ratio of Stradic fishing reels remains between 5.7:1 and 6.0:1 fast. The 6000 models are sold with conventional handle, do not bend as shown in the image. One of the best reels you can buy for spinning and jigging. Shimano Stradic fishing reel with a three year warranty OFFICIAL

fishing reel Shimano Technium FC

A look at the new fishing reel Shimano Technium FC clearly determined that it is a fishing reel for fishing with high expectations. This front brake reel offers a wide range of technical features including ARC Aerowrap and coil performance for quality fishing.


shimano fishing reel spinning CI4 rarerium

Spinning fishing reel Shimano CI4 Rarerium. The CI4 is a material created by inter-carbon melt polyamide which now joins rarerium reels. The result is precision reels weighing much less. New technology to create this robust permiter CI4 CI4 Rarerium front brake. Listed in the rarerium high end tech features like brass gears, six Shielded AR-B bearings, coils, cold forged aluminum, Aero Wrap II, forged aluminum crank cold and maintenance port. It comes with a three year warranty in writing.


shimano fishing reel exaggerated

The Exage FC model is the epitome of the new series of Shimano fishing reels overflowing quality and design. With four ball bearings and a stainless steel roller rodimento the P4 Exage uses a multi-disk brake progressive fish inspires confidence by working hard and combative. The P4 Exage comes with two coils, cold forged aluminum AR-C. Varispeed coil system that prevents tangle of fishing line. Various sizes available, the Exage reel covers a wide range of fishing methods. Fishing Reels Shimano Exage your formulapesca online fishing store with a three year warranty in writing.

shimano fishing reel Nexave p4

Shimano has a worldwide reputation for producing some of the best fishing reels in the world. The company understands what the fishermen want, hence the emergence of the new series P4. Fishing reels Nexave powerful, accurate, high-level performance with unquestionable quality at an affordable price. The fishing reel is a reel Nexave P4 note that fishing action. Equipped with a rugged multi disc front brake inspires confidence to work hard and combative fish. The Nexave P4 comes with an additional coil cold forged aluminum AR-C quality. P4 Nexave Reels fishing in your store online formulapesca. It comes with a three year warranty in writing.

Shimano Catana fishing reel p4

Shimano has proven worldwide reputation for producing some of the best fishing reels in the world. The company understands what the fishermen want, hence the emergence of the new series P4. Fishing Reels catana powerful, accurate, high-performance and unquestionable quality at an affordable price. The P4 Catana fishing reel conveys emotion and exudes quality, is a reel that can be used for a variety of fishing styles. With additional coil included in the price. Catana Reel P4 available in your online store formulapesca fishing. The katana comes with three years warranty in writing.


Reel Shimano Alivio 10000 FA

shimano fishing reel store formulapesca

A cheap selling price does not mean the fishing reel Shimano Alivio FB is of low quality, it is fairly inexpensive reels whose performance will be high for many years. The front cover of Alivio FB has been redesigned to be more attractive and elegant and are high speed gears. The relief has Varispeed reel, a distribution system providing quality thread and sets precise, long and accurate. With extra free aluminum coil.


Shimano FC relief

Alivio Shimano fishing reel spinning, launched fishing background, corcheo, Shimano fishing boat moored in formulapesca all

Innovative Shimano Alivio FC coil system with AR-C which improves distance and accuracy of the set and ensures even distribution of the line. Prices Shimano reel equipped with high quality components with a macro roller bearing for outstanding performance for fishing action. Shimano Alivio spinning fishing versatile, released, bottom fishing, corcheo, … a spool road.

Hyperloop shimano fishing reel fish in sea and river

It is worth paying a little more (which is not the case in this reel Shimano Hyperloop) and buy a Shimano reel. Hyperloop fishing reel excellent value. The Hyperloop P3 is equipped with mechanical power, performance and price. Super Stopper, Varispeed, Dyna Balance and Power Roller. All this technology at your service for your online store makes fishing fish.


Fishing Licence

Fishing Rod Licence

New Style Fishing Licence

New Style Fishing Licence

You need a fishing rod licence to fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt and eel with a rod and line in England (except the River Tweed), Wales and the Border Esk region of Scotland.

You need an additional licence to fish in the Thames.

You must always carry your rod licence when you’re fishing or you could be prosecuted. You can be fined up to £2,500 for fishing without a rod licence.  Children under 12 don’t need a licence. However, if you take a child under 12 fishing and hold the rod or help hold it you must buy a licence for yourself.

Types of Fishing Licence

There are 2 types of licence:

  • trout, coarse fish and eel licences that let you fish for non-migratory trout, char, coarse fish, eel and smelt
  • salmon and sea trout licences that let you fish for salmon, sea trout and all of the fish in the licence above

Applying for your licence is easy.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick the right licence. Decide if you need a Non-Migratory Trout & Coarse Licence or a Salmon & Sea Trout Licence. The Salmon & Sea Trout Licence is more expensive, but also covers you for Non-Migratory Trout & Coarse.
  2. Choose the length. If your trip’s a one-off, consider the 1 or 8 day options. If you’re a regular angler, you can get cover for the full season.
  3. Buy your licence. You can buy it online, in branch or by phone. Full contact details can be found in the right hand column.
  4. Wait for it to arrive. Remember – you’re allowed to go fishing with your email confirmation.

Licence Concessions

  • Senior – for age 65+
  • Junior – for ages 12-16 inclusive
  • Disabled – for those in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (or Personal Independence Payment) and Blue Badge Holders. You’ll need your National Insurance number or Blue Badge number for your concession.