Fishing Flies

Fishing Flies and Fly Tying

Dry flies

Fly selections – Gifts

Fly tying kits

Fly tying materials

Fly tying tools


Salmon flies

Wet flies


Fly Tying Tools
fly tying tools including Vices Tools Hackle Pliers Whip Finishers Tinsels/Floss fly tying kits

Fly Tying Materials

Lights and Magnifiers
Lights and magnifiers by Daylight designed for fly tying but also suitable for craft hobby and photography

Sharpening Stones
Sharpening stones for hooks and knives

Special Premium Trout Selections
Inovative trout fishing flies tied especially for us – not the cheapest flies but they catch a lot of fish !!!

Fly Boxes
Fly boxes at discount prices lightweight floating fly boxes plus replacement fly box linings

Heirloom Quality Flies
Highly detailed true to life fishing flies from Canada – great flies for framing too



Stone Fly

Fly Hooks
Salmon Fly Hooks Trout Fly Hooks Final stocks of Ashima fly hooks

Salmon Fly Hooks
Kamasan Partridge Ashima VMC

Trout Fly Hooks
Gamakatsu Ashima

Other Hooks

Salmon & Sea Trout Flies
Salmon and Sea Trout fishing flies by Mayo FlyCraft Turralls Lureflash plus shrimp fly spoons

Trout Flies
Trout fishing flies including Dry Flies beginners fly selections Bulk fishing fly Selections Fulling Mill trout flies

Fulling Mill Selections
Trout and grayling flies by fulling mill

Other Branded Selections

Saltwater and Specialist Flies
Fishing flies for Bonefish Bass Pike offshore barracuda flies tarpon flies etc

Bonefish and Permit
Fishing flies for bonefish and permit

General InShore Saltwater
Salt water sea fishing flies including surface poppers and some great bass fishing flies

Fly selections for salt water bass fishing

Pike fishing flies including surface pike lures and poppers

Tarpon Baracuda and Off Shore
Fishing flies for tarpon offshore fishing flies flies for barracuda