Fishing Lures

The wide variety of freshwater fish has caused different types of methods to catch them. Some species are predatory and non-fishing with natural bait or prepared. These baits can be disposed on a hook under a float or a weighted line that connects underwater. predatory species also can be fished with natural baits but also captured with artificial baits or lures. They are designed to imitate the prey of a particular species. Other stimulate the fish’s predatory instincts. So, these are the maximum principles for the development of artificial flies. Trout, salmon and other freshwater species are caught by fly fishing increases considerably and supporters for them is one of the most enjoyable ways of angling.


The objective is to capture fishing lure predators by the method of launch and recovery of baits or lures. This movement is what attracts the fish. If fishing is done with a technique called multiplier reel casting. If, by contrast, uses a fixed drum reel called light casting.

The fishing lure includes some of the shorter rods used in angling. A rod for casting technique can measure 1.4 m. These rods are ideal for use in areas where vegetation is very dense in the river. This makes the haul longer rods difficult.

The Rapala Tail Dancer was originally developed as a Walleye bait.
It has a proven ‘wide tail’ action and is also incredibly successful for Trout Salmon Pike and Bass.
The Tail Dancer is available in 2 sizes.
The 70mm lure weighs 9g and the 90mm lure weighs 13g.
They have a running depth of 1.8m to 4.5m and are suitable for both casting and trolling techniques.

– Balsa body
– Internal rattle
– Incredible finish
– Wide tail action
– Black Nickel Pyramid Point hooks

They are available in a range of patterns as shown below-


Brown tiger


Gold fluoro red

Green parrot

Hot chub


Redtail chub

Rainbow trout



Turrall  dog nobbler black

Turrall  dog nobbler green

Turrall  dog nobbler orange

Turrall  dog nobbler yellow

Turrall  frog nobbler black

Turrall  frog nobbler orange

Turrall  frog nobbler white

Turrall  pretty dog black

Turrall  pretty dog orange

Top quality lures from the USA

Bluefox Vibrax
A superb lure which is now discontinued in the UK
Off-Shore Trolling Lures
Offshore trolling lures including tuna trolling lures marlin trolling lures and sailfish / dorado lures – for most types of offshore big game lure fishing.

Superb pike fishing lures that have stood the test of time in a range of 2 sizes and 14 colours. Not to be missed

Luhr Jensen
Fishing lures from Luhr Jensen including Pop Oreno and Swim Oreno. Traditional heavy duty fishing lures for fresh or salt water
Soft Baits and Selections
Softbait fishing lures with holographic finishes and fish attracting rattles fitted

Spinner baits are unlikely looking fishing lures that have accounted for many big pike and musky another pike specialist essential.
Discount lures Selections
Fishing lures selections on sale at cheap discount prices with lots of free lure offers

Plug / Stickbaits
Fishing lures at cheap discount prices with lots of clearance lures plug baits stick baits
Spinners / Toby Style Lures
Fishing lures at discount prices with lots of spinners and toby type lures

Wedge Lures
Fishing lures at discount prices with lots of wedge lures – great lures for bass fishing

Abu fishing lures including Terminator coast and jointed fishing lures – great bass fishing Lures.
Jerkbait lures from Fred Arbogast – last few to clear at cheap discount prices
Bankrupt Stock
Fishing lures to clear including the Naturalistic brown trout lures. Huge discounts on these lures while available.
Bomber fishing lures – Last few to clear at cheap discount prices
Cotton Cordell
Cotton Cordell fishing lures good lures but not many left

Floating frog fishing lure not much more to say really
Rapala fishing Lures with many discontinued patterns plus we have the Rapala Minnow spoons back in stock
Rebel fishing lures – last few to clear at cheap clearance prices
Salco Pike and Blue Water Lures
Superb rubber tail Pike fishing lures Offshore tuna and big game fishing – Hard to find at a sensible price

Storm Hard Baits
Storm discontinued fishing Lures plus a few of the new Storm Lures
Storm Soft baits
Soft baits by Storm – The most realistic soft bait fishing lures ever !!!!

Salmo Lures
Fishing lures by Salmo at clearance prices including the Salmo Sting Hornet Pop 6 and minnow lures. Superb quality at discount prices
Toothy Critter
Toothy Critter headcase and psyclone fishing lures for bass and pike

Pike/Musky Bucktails
Bucktail fishing lures for pike and musky at bargain prices
Mostly offshore tuna and big game Yo-Zuri fishing lures plus a few nice surface poppers
Other Brands
Bass fishing Lures Pike fishing lures and everything we couldn’t find a place for. Worth a look some interesting stuff !!

Bass Lures
Jointed lures Sandeel lures Sensalure

Pike Lures
Spinner baits weedless minnows Zara Spooks Pike beasts etc
Everything Else
Flying c’s tadpole lures etc

Sharpening Stones
Blunt hooks don’t work too well
Feathers Traces and eels
Mackerel feathers Ragot sea eels Cod feathers hokkai Feathers and traces in bulk at cheap discount prices hokkai lures and traces daylite cod and mackerel traces luminous shrimp rigs for mackerel and launce
Muppets Jigs and Gummis
Sea fishing jigs Squid Lures Diki Squid Jigs luminous sea fishing eels muppets storm wild eye hair jigs Cod fishing muppets in bulk at cheap discount prices