Avanti Poles


  • Avanti Competition K7 16 Meter
  • Avanti Dri Zone Pole Holdalls
  • Avanti Dri Zone Pole Holdalls
  • Avanti Flexi-Pots Large
  • Avanti Flexi-Pots Medium
  • Avanti Knee Pole Support
  • Avanti Marco Cortesi Barbless Ready Rigs
  • Avanti Match Top Kit
  • Avanti Pole Rollercoaster
  • Avanti Power Top Kit
  • Avanti Pro V Roller

Avanti Pole Review by Simon Grace

Initial inspection of the kit was very impressive.  There is a lot of kit for your money BUT nothing comes pre-prepared.

As there are NO reviews on the Avanti RSX1000 16m pole, I’ve put my money where my mouth is and made a quick YouTube clip.

Summary wise, this is a GOOD pole…in fact it’s a GREAT pole and don’t let the tackle tarts tell you otherwise.  Yes, at 14.5+m you will be reliant on rollers! At 11-12m I was enjoyable to hold the pole myself unaided which felt really balanced and responsive.  The sections all come off cleanly and as a totally new pole fisherman, my learning curve lasted about an hour and from that point I really started to enjoy the feel of the pole as it caught and brought in the fish.  If you are on a budget, this is the pole for you.  If you’re not…go mad! Poles can cost in excess of £1000 for a long one but I hear you can get decent 11m ones for the £600-£800.  That’s still too much than I’m willing to pay but I’m a pleasure fisherman and today was VERY pleasurable.

With a pole, you have various top kits but only one rod so you only pay for the one…hence why I’m going again tomorrow!  Bargain!

Read the full review and see the video at:  simon-grace.co.uk/avanti-16m-rsx1000-fishing-pole