Fishing Tackle

Amazing Fishing Stories

  • Working in a tackle dealer’s shop in the city centre, and a well-known angler around Wiltshire and Hampshire coarse and trout fisheries, he reached his half-century as a highly popular, jovial soul who knew as much as most about modern fishing tackle and tactics. He had caught many notable fish, including a rainbow trout a shade under 20 pounds from a local lake. He also did some sea fishing, but he never set foot on a boat. Just looking at one moored up alongside a harbour pontoon was enough to make him feel violently seasick, and so he very definitely stayed put on terra firma.
  • There are several ways to reach steelhead country. The party chose to stop off in Anchorage to visit a colleague and shop for specialist Alaskan fishing tackle at dollar prices. From Anchorage they flew to Kodiak, and from there to Steve’s lodge at Port Lions. Here they boarded a Beaver float plane, which carried them at low altitude across the fantastic Alaskan landscape to the Karluk River, where they landed on a wide, flat piece of water some miles up river from the mouth.
  • ‘I have ze worms, Patrick, in my box. I have all zat I need. Please pass me out all my fishing tackle and I vill get set up.’ In a kind of trance, unable to take in what was going on, Patrick lifted the fishing tackle out of the boat and placed it on the gravel shore. However, of one thing he was absolutely certain. He wasn’t hanging around the island all day while Herr ruddy Schmidt sat on his backside waiting for something to impale itself on a worm-infested hook.
  • Poking out from a rock, and it was a quick dash into the house to pick up his bamboo cane and return to tempt it from its lair with a worm or piece of meat. We tend to forget in today’s world of commercialism and modern fishing tackle that, back in the 1930s and 1940s, times were hard and Bill recalls a Mr Rowe, who owned a shop in Barnstaple High Street, selling bamboo canes with eyes crudely whipped on for sixpence.