Fishing for Pike

Pike fishing from the shore

Fish for pike spinning from the shore is an arduous enough. It involves a good understanding of where you are fishing, but also a good familiarity with the technique of spinning . To catch a pike, you have to think that the movements that we do to our artificial must attract the fish, intrigue. Only then we will attack. ‘s fishing action is essential. We must think of our artificial as a real wounded minnow trying to swim, but he can not, or do the shots, changes direction, rises to the surface and sinks to the bottom. You have to use a lot of the barrel and not the reel.

Around the barrel, I’d say a good 2.70 meters is ideal: it must be strong enough to throw 40 grams in two pieces. For the reel, at least a 4000 loaded with a good braid, or a good 25-30 of monofilament. The final steel is a must, so that the teeth of the pike cutting through the monofilament.

Lures for fishing spinning for pike are:

  • Rotary
  • Undulating
  • Minnows

We also advise you of weights and measures tailored to the tonnage of fish, so quite large.

Bottom fishing for pike

Bottom fishing for pike is exercised in the cold season. Presupposes a fishing line with a strong ballast terminal, with armrest upper (or game) which is triggered on the live, or with ballast sliding above the bait, which is instead attached to the terminal.

For the line , we appeal again to the float, but the bottom line is anchored by a large lead. A float bay to keep it tight, but we must be careful to calibrate well the distance between it and the lead, which corresponds to the depth. At a certain point, to a tract of fishing line is added a swivel to three attacks, to hook the armrest with metallic minnow. The float can be sealed to keep it in the best position, or the thread below can bring some plummet.

The pike fishing with float is made so sedentary. Leave the line in the water and the bait free to wander. There is only one drawback: the depth adjustment when changing position.

Another system of bottom fishing for pike provides the use of a ballast final, but without the use of the float. In this way you will not have any time to change the depth.

The fishing line with sliding weights on the main line is engaged, always with a pulley, the end with the bait. The weight of lead in oil should be mild.

The line will be like the previous one, with lead sliding or fixed, as required.

At the end, where there is the swivel, apply a cork rather thin with a thin longitudinal incision. This is because when the pike attacks, because of sudden movements of the line, it is likely that the cork comes off, and coming to the surface, the bite marks.

Pike fishing with float

The material needed for fishing with float:

  • The barrel . Given the large size and the great – but short-fighting pike, it is useful to use a cane sturdy and well-prepared to launch high grams (40-50 grams).
  • The nylon line for the mother will be around 24-26.
  • The reel must be capable of imbobinare 100, 150 meters of nylon of 0:25 to 0:30. For the mother line, it is almost mandatory to use the terminal steel, available in stores specialized fishing. The use of a large landing net well is very useful to avoid disappointment.

The line consists of:

  • Without float ( stopper ) silicone (choose the size large)
  • Sliding float ball 15 to 20 grams
  • Two Seals round
  • Lead to a form of oil (10-15 grams)
  • Terminal steel
  • Live fish (rudd, bream, roach) (7-15 cm)

First, s’infilerà in nylon the stopper stop-floating, then we will proceed to put the float with the most clear sight fishing (in order to see it better). At this point, it will stop on the nylon is a bullet for spacing the float to about half a meter. Now, slips lead to oil and then, after tying up the terminal with a steel carabiner, we will proceed to put a plumb line between the hook and lead to oil, so that the lead can slide forward and back (about 4-5 cm). Finally, s’innescherà live fish all’ancoretta terminal steel.

If the live fish is small (more or less than 7 cm), s’infilerà the armature through the lips, by introducing one of the tips of the armature in the lower lip and forcing it to emerge from the upper one in correspondence of one of the two nostrils. However, if the fish is larger (about 12 cm), s’infilerà the stir bar to the back. This operation is carried out by introducing the tip of the armature at the beginning of the dorsal fin, so as to grip at the point where rays of the latter are grafted into those that radiate from the spine. In doing so, we must be careful not to cause injury to the spine.

The fishing action

The fishing action is not complicated: throwing the bait near submerged reeds or grasses, wait for the bite of the pike. When will we see the float disappeared under water and reappeared on the surface, then the fish is attacking the bait. Now, before you grab, you must wait until the float disappears again and depart.

When the pike is close to the shore, we are alert and always ready with the landing net. The fish, in fact, at the sight of the fisherman, looking – and rightly so – to flee or throw here and there.

Once inguadinato pike, we are careful to pull the bait from the mouth. If we happen to rub her hand on the teeth of the pike, we can get the deep lesions. For this reason, it is always useful to put on a pair of gloves.