Maver Invincible Power Pole

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Maver Invincible 9.5m Margin Pole

Maver Invincible 9.5m Margin Pole The Invincible 9.5m Margin Pole really has to be handled to appreciate its unbelievable strength. The special carbons and resin blend are unique and utilised in the production of racing windsurf masts. The pole boasts all of the innovative re-glass features including sun core finish, Teflon joints, fusion, magic steps and anti friction surface. The invincible margin is slime, light and very responsive, but rest assured this is the strongest margin pole Maver have ever produced.

The downside of a budget short pole like this is the lack of top kits or a cupping kit. Fortunately, you can buy spare top kits for the Abyss – power top twos and match top threes – for less than £20 each, so it’s worth the extra investment to ensure you can get the best out of the pole.