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Common  catches when Sea Fishing

The sky’s the limit, or in the case of sea fishing, the sea’s the limit. Even fishing inshore waters, anglers can catch everything from tarpon to flounder. Anglers fishing the northeast coast can expect flounder and cod to congregate in bays and river mouths. Striped bass and bluefish fall for lures from surf-casters, as will weakfish and sea trout.

Farther south, red drum (redfish), tarpon, and bonefish excite anglers as they cruise the shallow flats of bays. These fish can be taken on traditional gear or fly-fishing tackle, nothing special needed for sea fishing. Snook fight like the saltwater version of the large-mouth bass, and sharks cruise off many coasts. With sea fishing, you don’t really know what you’re going to catch next, which is part of its great allure.