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Shimano Saragosa 18000

Shimano Saragosa fishing jigging and spinning

Shimano Saragosa fishing reels that offer a modern and latest technology. Impressive braking power up to 20 kilos. Saragosa Reels with cold forged gears, and brake Superstopper II multiplate sealed and microclick. Reels Shimano Saragosa prepared and ready for the toughest fishing jobs in both saltwater and freshwater. In these reels there is no anti-reverse mechanism, would be a danger to the angler when working with large specimens in combat. Five ball bearings AR-B plus a special treat saltwater power roller bearing roller. Shimano Saragosa fishing reel in your fishing shop online.

Jigging fishing reel shimano Spheros 8000 pg

New jigging fishing reel shimano Spheros PG (power gear) with high technical performance coil cold forged aluminum AR-C, 4.7:1 gears and powerful recovery A-RB bearings is perfect for vertical jigging, the Spheros is a reel that disappoint. With Aerowrap, two swing speeds and multidisc brake waterproof 11 kg is highly effective in combat fishing. Best Price Shimano Spheros fishing jigging online Store.


Shimano Stradic fishing reel

The Stradic fishing reel is one of the most successful ranges of Shimano. The Stradic extra coil is supplied with cold forged aluminum. The traditional recovery ratio of Stradic fishing reels remains between 5.7:1 and 6.0:1 fast. The 6000 models are sold with conventional handle, do not bend as shown in the image. One of the best reels you can buy for spinning and jigging. Shimano Stradic fishing reel with a three year warranty OFFICIAL

fishing reel Shimano Technium FC

A look at the new fishing reel Shimano Technium FC clearly determined that it is a fishing reel for fishing with high expectations. This front brake reel offers a wide range of technical features including ARC Aerowrap and coil performance for quality fishing.


shimano fishing reel spinning CI4 rarerium

Spinning fishing reel Shimano CI4 Rarerium. The CI4 is a material created by inter-carbon melt polyamide which now joins rarerium reels. The result is precision reels weighing much less. New technology to create this robust permiter CI4 CI4 Rarerium front brake. Listed in the rarerium high end tech features like brass gears, six Shielded AR-B bearings, coils, cold forged aluminum, Aero Wrap II, forged aluminum crank cold and maintenance port. It comes with a three year warranty in writing.


shimano fishing reel exaggerated

The Exage FC model is the epitome of the new series of Shimano fishing reels overflowing quality and design. With four ball bearings and a stainless steel roller rodimento the P4 Exage uses a multi-disk brake progressive fish inspires confidence by working hard and combative. The P4 Exage comes with two coils, cold forged aluminum AR-C. Varispeed coil system that prevents tangle of fishing line. Various sizes available, the Exage reel covers a wide range of fishing methods. Fishing Reels Shimano Exage your formulapesca online fishing store with a three year warranty in writing.

shimano fishing reel Nexave p4

Shimano has a worldwide reputation for producing some of the best fishing reels in the world. The company understands what the fishermen want, hence the emergence of the new series P4. Fishing reels Nexave powerful, accurate, high-level performance with unquestionable quality at an affordable price. The fishing reel is a reel Nexave P4 note that fishing action. Equipped with a rugged multi disc front brake inspires confidence to work hard and combative fish. The Nexave P4 comes with an additional coil cold forged aluminum AR-C quality. P4 Nexave Reels fishing in your store online formulapesca. It comes with a three year warranty in writing.

Shimano Catana fishing reel p4

Shimano has proven worldwide reputation for producing some of the best fishing reels in the world. The company understands what the fishermen want, hence the emergence of the new series P4. Fishing Reels catana powerful, accurate, high-performance and unquestionable quality at an affordable price. The P4 Catana fishing reel conveys emotion and exudes quality, is a reel that can be used for a variety of fishing styles. With additional coil included in the price. Catana Reel P4 available in your online store formulapesca fishing. The katana comes with three years warranty in writing.


Reel Shimano Alivio 10000 FA

shimano fishing reel store formulapesca

A cheap selling price does not mean the fishing reel Shimano Alivio FB is of low quality, it is fairly inexpensive reels whose performance will be high for many years. The front cover of Alivio FB has been redesigned to be more attractive and elegant and are high speed gears. The relief has Varispeed reel, a distribution system providing quality thread and sets precise, long and accurate. With extra free aluminum coil.


Shimano FC relief

Alivio Shimano fishing reel spinning, launched fishing background, corcheo, Shimano fishing boat moored in formulapesca all

Innovative Shimano Alivio FC coil system with AR-C which improves distance and accuracy of the set and ensures even distribution of the line. Prices Shimano reel equipped with high quality components with a macro roller bearing for outstanding performance for fishing action. Shimano Alivio spinning fishing versatile, released, bottom fishing, corcheo, … a spool road.

Hyperloop shimano fishing reel fish in sea and river

It is worth paying a little more (which is not the case in this reel Shimano Hyperloop) and buy a Shimano reel. Hyperloop fishing reel excellent value. The Hyperloop P3 is equipped with mechanical power, performance and price. Super Stopper, Varispeed, Dyna Balance and Power Roller. All this technology at your service for your online store makes fishing fish.