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Drennan Fishing Tackle

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Drennan  drx river feeder

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This unique family of Drennan feeder rods are extra long and ‘feel’ extra stiff and rigid.
In practice the rigidity is only there to improve line control and help keep the rod steady for easier bite detection in windy conditions.
When playing fish these rods undergo an almost schizophrenic change of character bending and flexing to become perfect shock absorbers.
They will play small fish with a soft delicacy and feel on 1lb bottoms or become ‘power-play’ barbel and carp rods with 8lb line straight through!
They are ideal for both standard monofilament and braided lines.
These Drennan rods are constructed from super high modulus carbon with cork handles and screw reel seat fittings.
They are completed by a combination of s.i.c. and super oxide rings.
Available in 3 lengths they are all supplied with 4 tips of different strengths.

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