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“Sea Trout Fishing” by Hugh Falkus
Simply the best book on sea trout fishing I have read. A must for anyone interested in catching sea trout. You will be drawn back time and again for its wealth of knowledge and inspiration. A true classic.

“Salmon Fishing” by Hugh Falkus

Companion volume to “Sea Trout Fishing”. An authoritative and comprehensive analysis of the sport of salmon fishing and the techniques required for success based on the author’s acute observation original thinking and exceptional writing ability. An excellent practical guide.

“Going Fishing” by Negley Farson
Travels of a fishing journalist in the early part of the century. Conveys a true feel for the places and people he encountered in his travels from Chile to the Hebrides while giving a glimpse of the fishing possibilities in some exotic and some not so exotic places.

“Trout Lochs of Scotland” by Bruce Sandison
A guide to Scottish lochs. With hundreds of lochs to choose from not an easy task. Well researched and written and an excellent starting point for anyone planning a fishing holiday.

“River Fishing for Sea Trout ” by F. W. Holiday
A good grounding in the tackle and techniques of sea trout fishing in the days of split cane rods and silk lines based on the author’s experience of Welsh rivers

“Trout by All Means” by T. K. Wilson
Great little book by a thoroughly down to earth practical fisherman. As the title suggests all methods of catching trout are comprehensively covered be it fly worm minnow or creeper (gadger) . Not one for the purist! His wide experience and common sense are in evidence throughout.

“The Great Salmon Rivers of Scotland” by John Ashley-Cooper
Comprehensive coverage through excellent maps and illustration of the character of our four major salmon rivers – Dee Spey Tay and Tweed and the methods employed on them well written by an acknowledged expert of wide experience.

“A Fly Fisher’s Life” by Charles Ritz

Subtitled “the art and mechanics of fly fishing” with great detail on the technical aspects of rod building and fly casting written by a man who devoted much of his life to fly fishing and who had access to some of the very best fishing waters.

“Days and Nights of Game Fishing” by W. B. Currie
An enjoyable collection of essays drawn from the author’s wide ranging experience from salmon fishing on the Helmsdale Tay and Tweed to sea trout on the Shiel and Spey to brown trout on the lochs of Mull.

“Two Hundred Popular Flies” by Tom Stewart
First published in 1979 this is an omnibus edition of the four volumes of “Fifty Popular Flies” which were produced in response to public demand for the republication of articles which appeared in “Trout and Salmon” without interruption from the late fifties until the author’s untimely death

“The Complete Fly-Fisher” edited by C. F. Walker 1963
In one volume a comprehensive survey of all aspects of fly fishing in the early sixties. Contributors include “Jock Scott” (salmon) F. W. Holiday (sea trout) Oliver Kite (Chalk streams) E. Horsfall Turner (Rain fed rivers) and H. A. Oatts (Loch trout).

“The Complete Fly-Fisher” edited by Peter Lapsley 1990
An updated version in the same style as the sixties version with a new team of writers including Neil Graesser (salmon) Moc Morgan (sea trout) Mike Weaver (rain fed rivers) Peter O’Reilly (loch and lough fishing) Peter Lapsley (lakes and reservoirs) and Charles Jardine (fly casting).

“Trout Bum” by John Gierach
A more contemporary often humorous view of Fly fishing from a self-confessed “trout bum” based in Colorado. For him fly fishing is not simply a passion more a way of life.


“A Dictionary of Trout Flies” by A. Courtney Williams
First published in 1949 this dictionary contains a wealth of information on the natural flies that make up the trout’s diet and their artificial dressings with a section on more modern dressings by T. Donald Overfield. Colour plates showing 60 of the most popular patterns.


“The Salmon Rivers of Scotland” by D. Mills and N. Graesser
An examination of the salmon bearing rivers of Scotland first published in 1981 with useful information on river character where and when to fish methods of fishing and availability with detailed maps of the main river systems

“The Fishing Waters of Scotland” by M. McLaren and W.B. Currie
A good illustrated companion for the travelling fisherman by two well known authors who between them have fished a good proportion of Scottish waters. Describing a representative selection of the wide variety of fishing available the experience of the authors is evident throughout.

Carp Fishing DVD

Carp Fishing DVD                             Carp Fishing DVD USA

An Introduction to Carp Fishing

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Carp Fishing DVD

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Fishing With The Experts For The Secret Carp

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Fishing – Carp And Tench On The Long Pole With Bob Nudd


Total Fishing With Matt Hayes Vol 3 – Carp And Pike


Go Carp Fishing With Julian Cundiff – Part 2

Fishing With The Experts For Carp

Go Carp Fishing With Julian Cundiff – Part 1

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