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So…you’re looking for Carp Fishing In France. Whether its a holiday on business or for a flying visit France is increasing in popularity amongst us Brits – and rightly so!

The French people will tell you that there is so much more to see and do in France than just what you see in the brochures.


French Riviera

Fishing is a widely practiced popular sport in the many rivers and lakes of the Riviera which provide prime fishing. Most commonly caught are fountain salmon pike and rainbow trout. The sport is however strictly policed for ecological reasons and all restrictions must be adhered to.


Fishing areas fall into two categories each of which has different permit requirements and seasons. You may not fish with out a fishing permit – Carte de P che. The local Mairie will provide dates for the season and information on where to buy a permit.


Available Carte de P che are:

  • Taxe Compl te an annual permit for category 1 fishing.

  • Taxe R duite an annual permit for category 2 fishing.

  • Carte d’exon r de la taxe for someone accompanying the fisher.

  • Carte Journali re a day pass.

  • Carte Jeune for the under 16s.

  • Carte Vacances for the holiday period 1 June to 30 September (limit 15 consecutive days).

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Fishing in the Charente

Fly Fishing In France Fantastic accommodation and fishing set on the Charente/Dordogne/Haute Vienne borders in France.

Big Carp Fishing Holidays in France

Information on angling venues across France including booking details.

Fishing Bourgogne South of France
In the heart of the Bourgogne. In the south of the Morvan national park.

Carp Fishing in France
Carp Hunters Abroad are pleased to be able to offer you two carp fishing lakes in France

French Family fishing holiday Accommodation is in a French lodge nestled in five acres of secluded woodland.

Carp Fishing Holidays
  Lakeside carp fishing holidays in a fishing complex in northern France.


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