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So…you’re looking for Carp Fishing In France. Whether its a holiday on business or for a flying visit France is increasing in popularity amongst us Brits – and rightly so!

The French people will tell you that there is so much more to see and do in France than just what you see in the brochures.


French Riviera

Fishing is a widely practiced popular sport in the many rivers and lakes of the Riviera which provide prime fishing. Most commonly caught are fountain salmon pike and rainbow trout. The sport is however strictly policed for ecological reasons and all restrictions must be adhered to.


Fishing areas fall into two categories each of which has different permit requirements and seasons. You may not fish with out a fishing permit – Carte de P che. The local Mairie will provide dates for the season and information on where to buy a permit.


Available Carte de P che are:

  • Taxe Compl te an annual permit for category 1 fishing.

  • Taxe R duite an annual permit for category 2 fishing.

  • Carte d’exon r de la taxe for someone accompanying the fisher.

  • Carte Journali re a day pass.

  • Carte Jeune for the under 16s.

  • Carte Vacances for the holiday period 1 June to 30 September (limit 15 consecutive days).

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Fishing in the Charente

Fly Fishing In France Fantastic accommodation and fishing set on the Charente/Dordogne/Haute Vienne borders in France.

Big Carp Fishing Holidays in France

Information on angling venues across France including booking details.

Fishing Bourgogne South of France
In the heart of the Bourgogne. In the south of the Morvan national park.

Carp Fishing in France
Carp Hunters Abroad are pleased to be able to offer you two carp fishing lakes in France

French Family fishing holiday Accommodation is in a French lodge nestled in five acres of secluded woodland.

Carp Fishing Holidays
  Lakeside carp fishing holidays in a fishing complex in northern France.


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Fishing in the Charente

Fishing in the Charente               

The Charente region has over 1 600 km of rivers with 600 of these in the 1st category and with over 500 hectares of lakes providing superb fishing for all. Over 20 species can be found in the Charente include trout pike carp and perch attracting both sports fishermen as well as fishing enthusiasts.

As you would expect there are regulations and taxes for fishing in the Charente and you can find the up to date information at the
Le F d ration de la Charente pour la P che & la Protection du Milieu Aquatique.

However we have detailed some of the more important facts here though you should always check the latest data at before setting out with your rods.

First Category Rivers/Lakes

These rivers include the water course itself plus its tributaries :

L’Antenne l’Argence l’Argentor l’Auge l’Aume le Bief la Bo me la Bonnieure la Charente (for the part which is to the d partement of the Vienne and upstream of the Pont de l’Isle – Commune de Taiz -Aizie) la Charraud les Eaux-Claires le Goire la Graine la Ligonne La Lizonne l’Issoire le Lien-P ruse la Nou re le Petit-Tr fle le Ri de Gensac la Soloire le Son-Sonnette la Soulaine la Tardoire (for the upstream part from the Pont de Rancogne until the border of the d partement) la Touvre la V lude le Voultron*.

* There are special regulations for le Voultron et l’Echelle and you should contact the F d ration to check these out.

Second Category Rivers/Lakes

 All other rivers and lakes not mentioned in the 1st Category are in this section but note that Le Ronsenac has special regulations and you should contact the F d ration to check these out.

The F d ration site has a detailed map of the fishing areas of the Charente under the section ‘Domaine Piscicole’.

For the complete article please visit


Biggest Carp in the World

The Biggest Carp in the World  

Articles on the biggest carp in the world

“The Sarulesti Reservoir is famous for fishing with the biggest carp in the world – 37.3 kg”

Biggest carp in the UK

The Record Carp
by Geoff Maynard

Biggest carp in the world it was. Oh yes Stevie got it alright. Biggest ever.  New record ” The old mans gravelled voice started the words loudly……

Siamese Giant Carp
Fever by Jean-Francois Helias

While guiding clients interested in the Mekong Giant Catfish I often wet a line apart of their fishing spot for Siamese Giant Carps or Pla Caho (Catlocarpio siamensis). As you certainly know it is a rare and unique species of carp that only exists in Thai waters. It has also the particularity to be the the mother of all carps being the world s biggest carp species. Exceptional specimens in the wild can reach weights of 100 kg.

American Carp Adventures

Our location allows you to walk to your swim or you can let Jerry’s expert guiding service (over 20 years on this river) put you onto some of the biggest carp in the world.


“The big overseas waters are for me the ultimate in carp fishing challenges. Tackle and techniques are often tested to the limit on these inland seas and the fishing can be far from easy. But the rewards are plain for everyone to see. These waters not only hold some of the biggest carp in the world but in many cases they hold big fish in numbers and that s just the ones that we know about.”

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