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Shimano  baitrunner aero gte b




You don’t change the reel that has revolutionised carp fishing. The new Shimano Baitrunner has simply evolved.
Introducing the new Shimano Baitrunner GTE-B.
The new model has evolved from the incredibly popular Baitrunner Aero GTE and has been significantly boosted by AS-RB bearings cold forged aluminium spools and raw platinium look body shell.

Shimano Baitrunner Aero GTE-B features
– 8 ball bearing equivalent
– cold forged aluminium spool
– dyna balance
– oversized power roller
– aero wrap
– long life bail spring
– high efficiency gear
– spare cold forged aluminium spool







Baitrunner Aero 5000 GTE B
Weight 480g
Gear Ratio 4.5:1
Capacity 215m/10lb

Baitrunner Aero 6000 GTE B
Weight 560g
Gear Ratio 4.5:1
Capacity 240m/12lb

Baitrunner Aero 8000 GTE B
Weight 550g
Gear Ratio 4.5:1
Capacity 290m/12lb

Steve Cole Editor of Angling Times Advanced says: In my opinion Shimano simply don’t make bad reels – the 5000B is testament to that. It’s a strong powerful reel that puts a touch of finesse back into big feeder work. Some match anglers will find that the Baitrunner idea isn’t for them. Fine – don’t use it. The reel itself is unobtrusive enough to be used in ‘normal’ mode.
In all I would certainly recommend this reel to anyone who fishes the big feeder or Method. It looks awesome and comes at a great price. Take a look.”

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Shimano  super baitrunner aero 10000 xte


The Super Baitrunner 10000XTE has a 30% increased spool capacity over the 6000 and 8000 size Baitrunners.
The larger diameter means the line is wound around the spool over a bigger area and is placed under much less tension even after playing a big fish.
When you wind the rod up for that really big cast with the Super Baitrunner 10000 XTE the line really shoots being virtually unimpaired by embedded line.
The Baitrunner 10000 comes with 2 spools as standard both of which are manufactured from polished aluminium giving added strength and security when cranking in big fish from extreme distances plus minimising line friction on the spool lip.
With all the attributes of Shimano Stargate and Stress Free technology PLUS an incredible 7 ball bearings and a roller bearing the Super Baitrunner XTE 10000 is one of the smoothest most efficient carp reel on the market.
Finished in gunsmoke grey the Super Baitrunner 10000XTE looks performs and is an absolutely stunning carp reel.

Cold Forged Aluminium Spool
Titanium Power Roller
Hybrid Aluminium Body
Aero Wrap
Ambidextrous Double Handle
Dyna Balance
Cold Forged Gear
Floating Shaft II
Super Stopper II

Model – Super Baitrunner 10000 XTE
Weight (g) 572
Gear Ratio 4.5:1
Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.35/380
Ball Bearings 7 + 1 Roller Bearing

Shimano  stradic fa fishing reel



The Shimano Stradic FA reels have become one of the most popular all round coarse and game freshwater front drag reels in the Shimano range it’s predecessors the FE & FG being recognised as the most powerful reels for their size.
The Stradic FA takes the performance even higher with many S-System upgrades pioneered on the Stella flagship models.
The Stradic features the brilliant slow oscillation system.

Shimano Stradic FA features
– 4 ball bearings
– 1 roller bearing
– Double handle
– S-System
– Stargate
– Stress Free System
– Aero Wrap
– Hybrid Aluminium Body

Shimano Stradic 1000 FA
Weight (g) 234
Gear Ratio 6.0:1
Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.14/140
Ball Bearings 4 + 1 Roller Bearing
Spare spool 1

Shimano Stradic 2500 FA
Weight (g) 278
Gear Ratio 6.0:1
Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.28/140
Ball Bearings 4 + 1 Roller Bearing
Spare spool 1

Model Stradic 4000 FA
Weight (g) 390
Gear Ratio 5.7:1
Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.35/130
Ball Bearings 4 + 1 Roller Bearing
Spare Spool 1

Shimano  exage 1450 spare pole sections

Shimano  exage mini tele spinning rod

Shimano  exage mono 100m

Shimano  exage ra rear drag reel

Shimano  exage stc carp specimen

Shimano  exage stc fly

Shimano  exage stc spinning rods

Shimano  exage stc stand up boat rod

Shimano  exage stc trolling rod
RRP: £76.99

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